Our aluminium bi-fold doors are masterpieces of innovation and style

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Bifold Doors Bristol – Modern Aluminium Bifold Doors

Durable construction, precision engineering for super smooth operation, high thermal performance, double or triple glazed options conforming to all of the British Standards and Building Regulations. Our bi-fold doors are truly a masterpiece of innovation and style.
You can upgrade your patio door or french doors to bi-fold doors by widening the entrance, which we can do.

  • Energy efficient glass panels
  • Strong aluminium profiles
  • Slim sightlines
  • Flush profile for a sleek look

We only use aluminium profiles for our bi-folds doors because they are 3 times stronger than uPVC. More benefits of aluminium.
General information about the benefits of bi-fold doors.


energy efficiency

Up to 20 year

guarantee on product & installation

10 year

security pledge



Security and durability

The multi-point locking (Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction) system comes as standard. All our doors come with a 10 year security pledge which means we will replace any damaged window which has been forced open by a burglar. Our windows have never been reported to be broken into.

Experts in our field

Award-winning service, 30 years industry experience and voted the best in Bristol for customer satisfaction; for service without compromise, always choose Polar Bear Windows.

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Style and performance in one

Aluminium bi-folds obtain superior strength and durability over uPVC bi-folds. They are able to offer slimmer sightlines giving you larger areas of glass for maximum levels of daylight.

You can choose your bi-folds to be in white, dark brown, black or any RAL colour, however grey (anthracite grey) bi-fold doors are a popular choice.
Our aluminium bi-fold doors are extremely durable making them highly weatherproof and resistant to the effects of rusting or expansion and contraction. Our bi-fold doors boast a number of security features including multi-point locking systems, high-security locks, Security PAS 24 and strong aluminium structure creates a safe and secure barrier.

Choose from 2 panel, 3 panel, 3 panel, 4 panel and 6 panel bi-fold doors. Our double glazed panels offer excellent energy efficiency and also incorporate a soft coat toughened safety glass as standard.

We provide standard thresholds or low thresholds on bi-fold doors. Low thresholds although small creates a barrier to prevents rainwater entering your home.

The bi-folding doors glide on stainless steel rollers, which allows for unrestricted thoroughfares and maximum use of space and light. Due to the clean lines and slim profile, bi-fold doors are easily suited to any home.

Transform your home

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  • Anthracite grey, white or colour combination of the two
  • Robust and durable aluminium construction
  • Ultra smooth bottom running
  • Multiple threshold options
  • 30mm polyamide thermal break for increased thermal values
  • Option for access from outside on any configuration
  • Opening either in or out uses the same profiles
  • Document Q Compliant, Including PAS 24 and BS6375 Part 1 Weather Testing

Bi-fold hardware 

A wide range of hardware options to suit your style.


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    Free quote with no-obligation home appointment

      Voted the best in Bristol
      for customer satisfaction

      We achieved this by providing an award-winning service, quality assured products and money saving deals to all our customers. Ratings updated on June 2023.

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      + Frequently Asked Questions

      How much do bifold doors cost?

      Generally speaking, it’s £1500 per panel.

      How much does it cost to install a bifold door?

      There is no question that the installation of a new, or replacement, the bifold door can be expensive. But luckily there are ways for you to save some money! If you have existing doors and frames in place then the £600 labour fee might not sound bad after all - especially if your old system was already installed by professionals with experience who know how best to achieve an even finish across strips.

      Are bifold doors expensive?

      Bifold doors are a popular choice among homeowners and architects alike for the supreme style, quality, the versatility they offer. This often makes them more expensive than standard patio doors that lack these attributes.

      How much does it cost to fit bifold doors?

      The cost to fit bifold doors can range from £300 for labour and an additional 600 pounds if the material is needed.

      Which is cheaper: bifold or sliding doors?

      Aluminum bi-fold doors require a higher level of engineer to function making them a more expensive option, there are also a lot more orders of sliding doors meaning manufacturing costs can be lowered.

      Are external bifold doors a good idea?

      Bifold doors are a great option for indoor spaces because they create flexible open-plan living spaces.

      Will bifold doors add value to a house?

      Bifold doors are a great way to add value and beauty to your home. They're highly sought after by valuers because they can span over several meters, opening up vast areas of space that would otherwise be unavailable with other types of doorways like French or patio doors.

      What are the best types of bifold doors?

      There are many different kinds, but aluminum bifold is considered the best option. They come in powder-coated colours and have slim sightlines so they're great for more contemporary homes. One major benefit is that aluminum bi-folds can be easily maintained because it's lightweight!

      Do bi-fold doors need a track?

      Bifold doors come in two styles, top-track or bottom track or both. The most common style is the bifold door with top and bottom tracks that resembles more like an accordion than it does a traditional porch swing. What is the best material for bifold doors?
      You'll be keeping your home safe and secure with a bifold door made of aluminum. The material is strong, which means it will hold up against intruders who could try to break in when they see all the open space on the outside that you're missing out on! You can also let more light into your home by choosing an aluminum frame since it's slimmer than other materials--something modern architects love for their minimalist design schemes.

      How do you adjust external bifold doors?

      You can adjust external bifold doors by using the hinge bolts. If your door is dragging however and appears to be sitting a little low, you can extend it until they stay in place or lower them if necessary.

      How do you adjust aluminum bifold doors?

      You can fix this by adjusting the hinges to the left or right, depending on which way it is currently off-balance. All you need for this is a simple Allen key.

      How can I fix my bifold doors?

      If your door is dragging or dropping out of the tracking system, you may be able to adjust its height. To do this, extend the hinges bolts on each side and then release them as needed until both doors are at a level that does not drag.

      How can I make my bifold door more secure?

      Aluminum frames make them very difficult to force open the structure. The large glass panes would also make a lot of noise to would-be intruders if smashed. Bi-fold doors are considered a very secure option for any homeowner.

      Are bifold doors more secure than French doors?

      Bifold doors are an attractive option, but not as secure as French or patio doors. If you take the right precautions and measures to make your bifold door more secure than it is now then they can be one of the best options for securing a home’s rear entrance from unwanted intruders.

      How do bi-fold doors lock?

      First, you lift the handle to engage the locking points and then turn a key or use a thumb turn. The security hooks are activated by these two actions, preventing anyone from opening them until they're unlocked again with another set of keys.

      How much does it cost to install bifold doors in the UK?

      A 4 pane aluminum bi-fold cost around £500-1300 depending on the difficulty.

      What is the average cost to install bifold doors?

      Depending on where you live in the UK and who you get to install them it can vary dramatically, £500-1300 is a good guess for a 4 pane bi-fold door.

      Why are my bifold doors hard to open?

      Just resetting your guide inside its track will make things easier on you! Just close up that gap by checking how far away from one another both parts of your bi-fold hinge have become.

      Do bi-fold doors open in or out?

      Bifold doors add a unique architectural element to your home--opening inwards or outwards depending on the space. If you have a limited indoor room, consider an outward opening bifold door that can easily slide indoors and outdoors for convenient everyday use.

      How do bifold doors work?

      Bifold doors are a clever and elegant solution to an age-old problem. They encompass two leaves that fold back on themselves, creating one single aperture for entry or exit when the door is open. These beautiful mechanical wonders work by moving in tandem with runners fitted at their base, sliding as they simultaneously push across each other like concertina effects until the entire doorway has been opened up wide enough to welcome any passerby inside!

      Which is better: bifold or sliding doors?

      Sliding doors are more thermally efficient than bi-fold ones because they have a thicker profile. Sliding doors are cheaper to buy and install. Bi-fold doors are a premium option for homeowners who want a super modern appearance.

      What are bifold doors used for?

      Bifolds come in both external and internal varieties, with the latter generally being utilised to cover smaller spaces like pantries or wardrobes. However, they can also be found outside connecting you inside your home to what lies beyond it!