Composite Front Doors Versus uPVC Doors

    Composite Front Doors Vs uPVC Doors Discussed By Polar Bear Windows & Doors

    Replacing front and back door doors can completely transform the way your home or business looks so choosing the right design and colour is really important as well as the type of door that you choose. A Secure front and back door are extremely important as they are known to be one of the easiest ways for intruders to break in. A new door will also give you improved energy efficiency in your home or business. So, which door is best, Composite Front Doors Vs uPVC?

    Composite and uPVC doors are the main choice of doors for homes and businesses and there are so many designs and colours to choose from compared to years ago when the colours choices and styles were much more limited.


    A uPVC door is the cheaper option of the two, however, a composite door has many more benefits in comparison.


    Composite doors are made up from a variety of materials, such as PVC, wood, insulating high-density foam, steal, carbon fibre and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which are pressed and glued together under high-pressure conditions and a uPVC door is made up from mainly plastic. The materials in a composite door result in a very strong, durable and secure door that can be designed to be modern or traditional to fit your home or business.


    What are the benefits of Composite Doors?


    Enhanced security features

    Steel reinforced

    Extra tough glass for added security

    Internally glazed, multi-chambered

    Secure handles

    High-performance door hinges with multiple adjustments for ease of installation

    High-security multi-point door lock Multipoint locking, with two hook locks and a mortice lock, and latch options

    Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction secure system

    Intruders will know a door is a composite door and will be less likely to break in as they know how secure they are

    Excellent U-values to provide greater energy efficiency with a high-density thermal high-density foam insulating core, offering both sound reduction and heat retention

    High-performance weather-seals

    Minimal care and maintenance required

    Designed to withstand heavy impacts

    Resistant against surface marks or scratches

    Brush seals and Q-Lon weather seal gaskets to provide superior weather performance

    Extremely durable and long lasting

    Not prone to rust or corrosion

    Variety of colour options

    Doors colour match frames

    Variety of styles to suit your home or business


    What are the disadvantages of Composite Front Doors Vs uPVC Front Door?


    There aren’t any disadvantages of Composite Front Doors versus a uPVC Front Doors apart from them being slightly more expensive. The price difference will vary and depend on the quality of the doors and the company you use to supply and install it.


    What types of Composite Front Doors are there?


    Composite front doors come in both traditional and modern styles and you can design your door by choosing its colour, glass panes, letterbox, door handle, whether it opens out or in, which side the hinges are fitted and if you want to add additional security.


    Are Composite Front Doors more secure compared to other doors?


    Composite doors are now recognised as one of the securest doors available on the market and this is because of their solid core, thermos-plastic skins, their high-security multi-point door lock multipoint locking system, two hook and a mortice lock, as well as latch options.

    Intruders will know a door is a composite door and will be less likely to break in knowing how difficult it is.


    Polar Bear Windows, Doors & Conservatories offer you the option to upgrade your composite door lock with the Ultion Locks to make your new front door a “Rock Solid Composite Door“.



    What are the benefits of a Composite Front Door compared to a Timber or Steel door?


    As with any product, there will be some benefits of a product that you won’t get from another so you need to look at them all as a summary to make your decision. A steel front door will be extremely strong but will be heavy and less thermally efficient compared to a composite door. Timber doors are also strong, however, as a natural product, they are susceptible to thermal movement, letting warm air out and cold air in. Composite doors are overall best as they offer increased energy efficiency, exceptional security, low maintenance and cost less in comparison.


    How long should a Composite Front Door last?


    A composite door will last for years and years and good and reputable suppliers will have a 10-year product guarantee from installation and some even offer a security pledge. A security pledge demonstrates the confidence a supplier has in its product and normally means they will replace any damaged door which has been forced open by an intruder via the multi-point locking system.


    Can Composite Front Doors warp?


    Composite doors with wooden cores can warp over time however this doesn’t happen with high-density foam core – composite doors remain flat and straight. High-density foam core also provides better soundproofing and insulation than timber


    Will a Composite Front Door save me on my energy bills?


    A new ‘A-rated’ energy composite door will reduce the warm air escaping and prevent the cold air from coming in, also keeping your home or business cooler in the summer which will reduce your energy costs at certain times of the year. Older windows and doors are more likely to allow heat to escape from your home or business, which in turn will increase your energy bill.


    Can you paint a Composite Front Door?


    You won’t ever need to worry about painting your composite front door like you would a timber door as the weather-resistant coating keeps its colours fresh and minimises any scratches or marks, it will just need a quick wipe every now and then. The door colour chosen is applied throughout the GRP (glass reinforced plastic) ensuring there is no fading caused by the weather elements.


    How do you maintain a Composite Front Door?


    Composite doors are made from high-quality materials and the way they are produced makes them secure, durable, energy-efficient and easy to care for. Their outer coating is weather-resistant and this makes them keep their colour, with no fading or warping. All you need to do is wash it regularly with a soft cloth and warm soapy water when it needs it and lubricate its hinges and any other moving parts every 6 months or so to keep it looking bright, fresh and new for many years to come.


    Can a Composite Front Door have a window or glass in it?


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    Yes, a composite door can have one window or multiple small windows incorporated into its design. When you are deciding on your composite door ask your supplier to give you examples of the styles you can have.


    Can a Composite Front Door have a letterbox?


    Yes, you can choose to include or not include a letterbox in a composite door.


    What colours can you have Composite Front Doors in?


    Composite doors come in such a variety of colours including, white, black, grey, brown, red, wood effect and many more. Your supplier should give you an option for colours and styles so you can make it unique to you and your home or business.


    How long does it take to fit a new Composite Front Door?


    It would normally take anything from 3-4 hours to install a new composite door, however, your supplier will be able to tell you this when you place your order. The colour you choose is applied throughout the GRP (glass reinforced plastic), ensuring it doesn’t fade or peel from the effect of the elements.


    Can a Composite Front Door be fitted into an existing door frame?


    It is normally not possible for a composite door to be fitted in an existing door frame as they come in complete door sets. The frame is crucial to ensure you get all the benefits you should do from a new composite door.


    How many keys do I get with a new Composite Front Door?


    You would normally get 2-3 keys with a new composite door, however, this will depend on your supplier and they will normally give you an option of having more if you need them.


    What is a uPVC Door?


    uPVC is the material that the frame of a double-glazed window is made off. The material is based on plastic powder (plasticized polyvinyl chloride), which is heated and then injected and moulded to form its shape.


    A uPVC front door is a double-glazed door that is less expensive compared to a composite door. They are easily cleaned and maintained by using a soft cloth and warm soapy water. uPVC doors are more draft proof and energy-efficient compared to timber and steel doors, however, not as thermally efficient, strong and as secure as a composite front door.


    uPVC doors have a multi-point locking system and they can come in a variety of colours and styles that you choose to make your home or business really stand out. They are, however, not made from the strongest material to deter and keep out any potential intruders.


    What type of uPVC Front Doors are there?


    uPVC doors come in many styles and colours and you can choose which design you want to match your home or business including glass panes or multiple panes if you wish, letterbox, handles, if they open in or out and which side the hinges are fitted.


    Can a uPVC Front Door have a window or glass panes in it?


    uPVC doors can have one glass window incorporated or 3 or 4 smaller windows as part of its design. Your supplier will give you a range of choices and you can design your own uPVC door to your own specification.


    What colours can you have uPVC Front Doors in?


    uPVC doors now come in many colours, including the more traditional black or white, bright colours and wood effects.


    How much does a uPVC front door (including fitting) cost?


    A uPVC door can cost anything from £800 – £1000 (fitted) depending on the size and style you choose.


    Are uPVC front doors better than wood or steel doors?


    uPVC doors have good insulation properties resulting in a high-energy efficiency compared to timber and steel doors as well as costing less than doors made from these materials. uPVC is easy to maintain and they aren’t prone to rust or corrosion. Wood doors need treating every couple of years to keep them looking good and to keep the elements out.


    Are Composite doors more expensive than uPVC?


    Composite doors are extremely long-lasting and proven to be more durable and safe compared to uPVC doors, however, they are more expensive but this is a minimal cost when you look at the additional benefits you get from a composite door.


    In summary, which is better a Composite or uPVC Front Door?


    A composite door is more secure, sturdy and thermally efficient compared to a uPVC door, however, they are more expensive. We would always advise that you go for a composite door if you can as it will last longer and keep you safer.


    What should you consider when you are looking for a new Composite Front Door?


    Look at a Composite Door Companies website to see if it looks up to date and professional

    Look at their customer reviews on their website and using the internet

    Professional and reputable composite door companies will offer you a free no-obligation home or business appointment

    They will be able to confidently talk about their product range and the benefits and disadvantages of each one

    They will offer you a free no-obligation quote

    They will offer you free fitting for your new composite door

    Their door installation will be carried out by fully trained specialists who will install your new door quickly and efficiently

    They will provide you with a set of keys to your new composite door and be able to provide with more if you need them

    Their doors will be guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years

    They will offer you a minimum of a 10-year security pledge which means they will replace a damaged door which has been forced open by an intruder via the multi-point locking system

    They will tell you how to maintain your new composite door to prevent any issues, giving you peace of mind that your home and business is secure 24 hours a day 365 days a year



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    Polar Bear Composite Doors


    We offer high-specification composite doors at affordable prices.


    Our composite doors are the new standard in door innovation and if security is important to you then you shouldn’t look anywhere else. Our Rock-Solid Composite Doors are premium doors which utilise the benefits of different materials to provide great strength, durability, anti-theft and stylish looks at affordable prices.


    Our Rock-Solid Composite Doors are manufactured to an extremely high quality and specification and as a result, they are strong, durable, secure and attractive. Their GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skins are depression moulded and feature a timber grain effect along with high definition panels which results in an authentic timber like door with all the advantages:


    70mm featured outer frame

    4mm uPVC casing (the standard is 2mm

    High-density foam core resulting in excellent energy efficiency A+

    U-values starting from 1.4 W/m2K

    Secured by Design – 2016 PAS 24:2016

    Internally glazed, multi-chambered

    Millenco high-security multi-point door lock

    High-performance door hinges with multiple adjustments for ease of installation

    High-performance Q-Lon weather-seal

    Industry-leading Ultion 3 star locks ((Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction) system

    Steel reinforced and steel-reinforced frame

    Excellent in both sound reduction and heat retention

    Minimal maintenance

    10-year guarantee on the doors, frames, and installation

    10-year security pledge


    To find out more about our Composite Front Doors or any of our other products including; windows, bi-fold doors and conservatories contact us today on 0117 327 0127 and one of our experts will be able to answer any questions you may have.

    + Popular Questions

    Q. How much is a composite front door?

    A. Composite doors can very in price, depending on dimensions, specification and brand. A quality composite doors in the UK should costs around £900-£1300 (including vat and installation).

    Q. Which type of composite door is best?

    A. The best composite door comes down to your needs as all doors are not made equal. External door installation companies might use composite doors that have proven themselves over the years. There are 3 things you can look at which are indicative of quality, check reviews online to see how satisfied other people have been with the door, quality composite doors should come with a 10+ year guarantee, and find a respectable fitting company as this will reduce potential issues.

    Q. How do you clean a composite door?

    A. Use a soft damp cloth and warm mildly soapy water only. Afterward, rinse the surface with warm clean water and dry with a soft clean cloth. Do not use abrasive, chemical brass cleaners, wire wool, wire brushes or scouring pads as these will mark the finish over time and void your guarantees.

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