Enjoy working from the comfort of your home with Garden Office Room.

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The average person spends 5hours a week commuting, that is over 11 solid days a year.

Working from you make allowed you to spend your time on things you enjoy

With more business platforms being cloud-based and the sophistication of instant communication has made working from home a realistic option for many people.

No more commuting
You might not need a car if you work from home
Close to family in case of an emergency
Save on packed lunchs or buying out
Do not need to dress up
Office garden room can be built in less than 10 days

Fully insulated & weatherproof

10 year guarantee

Customisable structure

Fitted with electrics

Garden office room In Bristol, built in 5 days

  • Can be assembled on-site or factory-built.
  • Insulated, weatherproof and comfortable working space
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Finance available


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