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Stylish front doors for you, security for your home

We often get customer wanting a new door but not quite sure what design to go with.

We provide an extensive range of door options to help you customise your door and create a beautiful entrance.

Our high-specification composite front doors have security at the for the front of every feature, however, in this section, we will go through the aesthetics of a new door and factors you might find helpful in designing your new door.

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energy efficient double glazing windows

Energy efficient
Rated A+ for energy efficiency to keep the warmth in and lower your energy bills. With a wide range of stylish door designs you will be spoilt for choice.

Maintenance free
All our doors are virtually maintenance free, saving you time, hassle and money. To keep them looking new, occasionally wipe with a damp cloth.

secure double glazing windows

Secured by quality
Our external doors have security features throughout to keep you and your family safe. Robust locks, quality hardware and high-grade materials are manufactured together seamlessly to give you a secure window. All our external doors also come with a 10 year security pledge which means if there is a forced entry gained through the multi-point locking system on a window – we will replace the damaged window free of charge.

Noise reduction
All our doors offer a level of noise reduction, ideal if you live next to a busy road – ask us about the best option for you.

Please use the following as a guide, if you feel strongly about getting a certain door in your favourite colour with certain accessories then please do so – this page is aimed at people who are undecided on what to get.

Step 1. Front door designs

Most estate agents would recommend staying true to its original exterior style of your home as this helps with kerb appeal.  Look at the front of your home from the distance and decide what style would suit it most. If you live in a cottage and cottage style front door would be recommended, if you live in a modern home something in our contemporary (including the virtu-al range).  Most customers like the traditional range as it offers classic aesthetics and suits a wide range of oh homes.

Once you have decided in a range, consider how much light you want to let into the room/corridor which is behind the front door or what sort of visibility you want to provide from the outside in. We have decorative glass which offers a level of privacy but also lets natural light in if you want the best of both.

Step 2. Front door colours

The first thing people notice about a door is the colour and therefore choosing the right shade is important. We provide 7 standard colours and 14 special colour. To find a complimentary colour to your home, consider is the colour of your external wall around the front door and use the guide below:

  • Red bricks consider green, blue
  • Yellow bricks consider blues, green
  • Stone shade consider browns, green
  • Cream walls consider greens, reds

White, grey and black shades suit any external wall colours.

Step 3. Front door accessories (hardware)

The finish of door furniture is normally based on the door colour. Most people go for stainless steel, chrome or graphic finish however if you are getting a brown grain door you might want to consider gold and if you are getting a cottage door then black is sometimes desirable.

Tile options

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Double glazing windows and grey front door
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Stylish grey double glazing windows
Option 6
White double glazing windows and glazed back door in Bristol
Option 7

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