UPVC french door is perfect if you want secure, durable and energy efficient modern door

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French doors are full of character, stylish and very practical

French doors for your Bristol and Bath home

Take your pick of two, three and four-panel French doors to make the view at your Bristol or Bath property as panoramic as you wish.


energy efficiency

Up to

20 year

guarantee on product and installation

10 year

security pledge


Glass that is best in class

uPVC french doors are made to fit and installed professionally to ensure the product seamlessly integrates with your home. Our french doors are rated A+ for energy efficiency as standard. Thermal break glass filled with argon and treated surface (soft-coat) ensures the highest thermal rating and noise reduction possible for a warmer and quieter home.

Security and durability

The multi-point locking system comes as standard, the Yale 3 Star (highest rated) locking cylinder is Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction. All our door come with a 10 year security pledge which means we will replace any damaged door which has been forced open via the multi-point locking system as a result of a break in. Robust locks, quality hardware and high-grade materials are manufactured together seamlessly to give you a secure uPVC french door.

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Up to 20 years guarantee on all french doors

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Up to 20 years guarantee on products and installations

It is becoming popular to replace windows with french doors giving you easy access to the garden.

Allowing light to flood into your room and increase that wonderful feeling of space, our french doors bring the outside in.

Choose from white or the natural texture of wood grain in mahogany or golden oak finishes.

French doors FAQ

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      + Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the differences between French doors and windows?

      French doors can be full-length or half-length, whereas a french window is only one panel of glass. A door handle may not work on your French Window but you have more options for handles with a regular-sized door!

      Why are French windows called French windows?

      You may be wondering why French windows are called the same as french doors, but they actually originated in France. They became popular and over time people just started calling them that because of their large opening like a door which is what "French" means.

      How much does it cost to fit French doors?

      French doors are typically built with a team of two: the main fitter and secondary labourer. A tradesperson will charge between £150-£200 per day while their labourer counterpart, usually charged at around or above £200/day. Expect to pay an average cost for labour that includes installation fees in this range (£250-£300) when having French doors installed on your home!

      What is the best window coverings for French doors?

      Roman shades! These fabric-made blinds can provide your family with that much-needed refuge from prying eyes and make your home look stylish at any time of day or night.

      What are the best ways to dress French doors?

      Floor-length draperies look great on the exterior, paired with French doors, and can be matched with a lining in white or ivory. For interior pairs of doorways, use decorative fabric linings for an aesthetic that will stand out.

      What are the pros of French windows?

      French windows are an excellent investment because of the significant savings they may provide on heating and cooling bills each month.

      What are the characteristics of French windows?

      French windows, unlike sliding or folding windows, have two movable panes of glass and can be opened inwardly as well as outwards. The structure is made up of two panels that are hinged at each corner. Each panel has a handle that can be used to lock and unlock the window.

      Should French windows open in or out?

      In the end, it's all subjective. Invest in French doors that swing outward to make the most of your interior space. If you want French doors that are more weatherproof and allow you to make the most of your patio or garden, consider having them installed so that they open inward.

      Can French windows be double glazed?

      When selecting a new French window, you can pick between double and triple glazing.

      What is the difference between a French window and a normal window?

      Because the mullion (the vertical bar between the panes of glass) in French Windows is removable, they can offer a completely unobstructed view. This indicates full operability of the window. French windows with friction hinges can be left open as far as you desire.