Moving house can be stressful and filled with uncertainties and that is why lots of people choose to expand their home when they need extra space.

Adding more space to your home can make a huge difference to your day to day life and to the value of your property. Whether you have outgrown your current home or your needs have changed; QuickBase provides foundations for a variety of solutions.

QuickBase is particularly ideal, where you have difficult ground conditions or poor access. Providing extra peace of mind for challenging sites.
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Installation of Quickbase

Step by step progression of how we will transform your home

Step 1

Area is prepared

Step 2

Helical screw piles are driven to the required depth to create a secure base.

Step 3

Lightweight, partly recycled, plastic push-fit beams can be joined together to form the framework that sits on top of the load-bearing piles.

Step 4

A pre-manufactured lightweight floor slab (Includes both insulation and a damp-proof membrane) can now be laid on top of the framework.

Step 5

When the floor slab is in place, the walls of the building can be built - with the inner wall laid on the slab and the outer wall on the ground beam.

Step 6

Glazing can be installed and the building completed in a fraction of the time taken using conventional foundation methods.

Every strong build starts with great foundations, Quickbase can be built quickly, durable and is tailored around your needs.

The modular system is based on helical screw piles, which support lightweight, part-recycled plastic ground beams connected via a series of push-fit joints to form a frame. The ground beam is then filled with a specially formulated non-shrink grout to give a high strength composite beam. The frame carries the load of the building through the piles to suitable bearing strata, uniquely removing the need for mass concrete foundations. It is then fitted with a pre-manufactured damp proof floor slab onto which the inner wall of the conservatory or extension is built.

The QuickBase system doesn’t require wet trade finishing, so labour costs are cheaper and build time is faster. The foundations can be installed with up to 15m2 in a day.

Unlike traditional foundations, QuickBase is ideal for less than perfect ground. The piles are generally driven to 4m depth (deeper if required),
guaranteeing suitable load-bearing strata, and avoiding troublesome tree roots. QuickBase is fully compliant with Building Regulations and designed to meet Local Building Control specifications.



Installation video of Quickbase


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