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As most people are spending a lot of time at home during the Covid-19 lockdown, you might be thinking about home improvements for when the lockdown is lifted. This page outlines how to measure your own windows and doors. Send us the measurements so that we can send you a rough quote.

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Easy and simple

Covid-19 lockdown friendly

Different methods available

Health and safety guidelines

Measure from the inside.
Move obstructions away from the area you plan to measure.
Only measure if there is no risk of danger, trip or fall.
Use a measuring tape to get measurements and note the numbers straight away to ensure there is no confusion.
If you need a chair or ladder ensure you follow safety guidelines on the product and try to get someone else to supervise, (they can also note down measurements as you measure)
If your elderly or have mobility issues you can take a photo of the window/ door and just note down the length, we should be able to estimate the height from this.


Top tips 

If you have a combination of opening and fixed windows – you might find it easy to draw them – write the measurements on the drawing and take a photo and email the photo to us.
You can fold the measuring tape so that it reaches higher and read the number on the fold.
Use the Iphone Measuring app. Search your phone for the “Measure” app and use this app to measure things which are in front of you.

Instruction on how to measure with your iPhone.
Instructions on how to measure with your Android.


How to measure windows 

All we need to know is the height and width, and if there are any window openings.

There are two types of window opening styles. Sash windows where the windows slide vertically to open and Casement windows which swing open from any direction. If you have a window which does not open – we simply call this a non-opening window.


Windows openings

Please let us know if the windows open and where.


How to measure external doors 

All we need to know is the height and width. If you want a composite door, upvc panel door, back door (glazed, panelled or combination).


How to measure french doors (or patio sliding doors)

All we need to know is the height and width.



Send your measurements

Once you have noted down all measurements required. Do not worry if they are not 100% accurate – before the order is placed we will send out a surveyor to double-check measurements, ensure the area is suitable for the new product and that building regulations are met.

Send us your measurements, any drawings or photos via



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