Double Glazing FAQ's

    Double Glazing FAQ's discussed by Polar Bear Windows

    Double Glazing FAQ’s discussed by Polar Bear Windows of Bristol & Bath

    How long does it take to replace double glazing?

    It depends how many windows you’re are replacing as to how long it will take to install as well as the type of window being replaced

    On average, each window takes anything from an hour to 3 hours to install. The time it takes to install the window will be different depending on the size and type of window.

    Will the company installing my double glazing remove and dispose of my old windows?

    Good window companies will remove and dispose of any of your old windows and do it in an environmentally friendly way so that as much of the window as possible is recycled.

    Will there be a huge amount of mess created from having new double glazing fitted?

    Professional window replacement companies will ensure their skilled fitters make as little mess as possible and will have the experience to cause you as little disruption in your home as possible. Professional window company will not leave any mess.

    How long do double glazed windows last?

    Double glazed windows will typically last up to 20 years, however, this can vary anything from 10-35 years based on the quality of the window installed, the quality of installation and where the windows are situated.

    Over time double glazed windows will become less energy-efficient and they should be looked after to ensure they last you as long as possible.

    Is secondary glazing better than double glazing?

    Secondary Glazing is when an additional second window pane is added to an existing window. It is a discreet way of improving insulating and soundproofing windows, however, they won’t be as effective as double glazed windows. In almost all cases double glazing is a better option over secondary glazing.

    Does double glazing ruin the appearance of an older property?

    This really is down to personal choice and the style and colour of uPVC double glazed window that you choose and you can now get double glazing that is designed to complement the features of most period property’s.

    Some people often choose to go with double glazing regardless of whether it’d affect the character or appearance of the building as it reduces the draughts and energy efficiency of your home as well as being extremely secure.

    In some period buildings as long as you match the style of the window – double glazing is acceptable. Good window companies should have wood gain window profiles which look like timber windows. Check with your local council to find out what regulations apply to your home.

    Will double glazing reduce noise from outside?

    Double glazing will reduce the amount of sound and noise that comes in from outside. As the two panes of glass are not in direct contact the sound waves and noise are dampened and softened which results in a quieter inside. Double glazing doesn’t completely block out the sound from outside, however, it does significantly reduce it.

    If you live near a busy road you should consider acoustic double glazing – which is designed to damper noise entering your home by around 40db.  Acoustic glass is the industry-leading option for noise reduction.

    What is triple glazing?

    Triple glazing is a window or door made up of three panes of glass instead of one or two. The space between each pane of glass is normally filled with gas and this reduces noise from outside as well as being more energy-efficient.

    Independent research has shown that triple glazing performs slightly better than double glazing in terms of U-values, however, it doesn’t make a huge difference to your energy bills.

    Is triple glazing better than double glazing for soundproofing?

    Triple glazing may reduce noise penetration slightly over double glazing, it can save you some money on your energy bills compared to double glazed windows, although the cost difference is negligible. For soundproofing, most people go for the double glazing option.

    Is triple glazing worth the extra cost?

    The cost of triple glazing is quite a bit higher than double glazing due to the additional pane of glass in the window. Triple glazing not only uses more materials to produce, but more precise manufacturing conditions are needed. A triple glazed window is heavier than a double-glazed window so can cost more to transport and need more lifting power when being fitted.

    The cost of triple glazing can sometimes be as much as double, although the U-value improvement and noise reduction are not substantial.

    Is fitting double glazing cost-effective?

    The cost of double glazing will be different from house to house and will depend on the size of the house, the number of windows and the type of windows being installed.

    On average 18% of heat is lost through the windows in a property and most research shows that it can reduce heat loss by up to 50% compared to single glazing which means that you should see a reduction in your energy bills if the rest of your house is insulated well and thermally efficient.


    This reduction in energy also has environmental benefits. It has been stated that double glazing can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 680kgs a year and if all properties were double glazed this would reduce carbon dioxide emission by millions of kgs each year.

    Does double glazing lose its effectiveness?

    Double glazing can and will inevitably lose its effectiveness as it gets older as with any product you buy. Good window companies will give you a 10 year plus guarantee on the windows they install as they are confident with the quality of the windows and their installation practices.

    Does double glazing really make a difference?

    Yes, double glazing really will make a difference in your home and will reduce draughts coming in through your windows, reduce your heating bills, keep your home cooler in the summer as well as improving the appearance of your home inside and out.

    How does double glazing affect the value of a property?

    A lot of prospective buyers will see double glazing as a deciding factor if they are in good condition and have a good energy rating.

    A lot of people will be put off buying a property which has single glazing due to their energy inefficiency, the cost to replace and the higher chance of the property having damp issues. This will result in the property being valued lower if you decide to put it on the market, compared to a house with double glazing in the same street and in the same condition inside.

    If you buy a house which needs renovating and it has single glazing then you should consider installing double glazing throughout before you start any work inside or out.

    How do you stop condensation between double glazing (misted windows)?

    If you have new double glazed windows or they are under 10 years old then you shouldn’t have condensation between the panes. If you do then you should contact the company that supplied them and ask them to come out and assess why it is happening. It will often be due to a broken seal which can be easily replaced.

    If you are getting condensation and it is not in between the glass panels but on the glass surface facing indoors it actually means your windows are airtight and no drought is being let through.

    Keeping your property at a consistently warm temperature will reduce the number of cold surfaces and make it harder for condensation to form inside your home. Open your windows daily to ventilate your rooms. Use an extractor fan when you are cooking and open the window in the bathroom when you are having a hot shower or bath. This will allow the moisture in the air to escape and prevent the water vapour from circulating and creating condensation.

    How do I know that my windows need replacing?

    There are several signs that your windows need replacing and they can include:

    • Water leaking through the frame
    • Condensation between the glass panes
    • Cracks or chips in the glass
    • You can feel draughts coming through the window frames
    • The frames are damaged or warped
    • The locks and, or handles are broken
    • Your energy bills are increasing
    • You want to reduce your energy bills
    • Your windows are looking tired and old and you want to transform the look of your home inside and out

    How often should uPVC windows be replaced?

    The average lifespan of a double-glazed window is around 20 years and well looked after windows much longer, however, this can vary dependent on the quality of the windows when they were first installed, the quality of installation and how well they have been looked after over the years.

    How important is window security?

    Good quality double glazed windows are more secure as their frames, multi-point locking systems, hardware and glazing all combine to make breaking into them very difficult and very noisy.

    Up to a third of burglars gain access to a home via a window and most these will be single glazed windows which are easier to smash the panes, remove the frames, or crank or lever open.

    Good quality double glazing will have multi-point locking, a lockable handle, strong frames, hinges and shootbolt espagnolette security tested (PAS24-2012), endurance tested (Grade 5) and Corrosion resistance (Class 5).

    Are double glazed windows difficult to break into?

    Double glazed windows are very difficult to break into and it takes a lot of effort and creates a lot of noise. Most burglars will be put off by double glazing as it attracts too much attention when breaking into them.

    Can burglars break into double glazing easily?

    At Polar Bear Windows, we demonstrated how secure uPVC windows are and how difficult they are to break into and you can see this on our demonstration video:

    Good quality uPVC double glazed windows will have:

    A multi-point locking system

    • 8 locks that lock into the keeps in the frames casing (front edge 8 point locking
    • 2 sash jammers to prevent sash being pulled or jammed off
    • 2 locking hinges

    This locking system and the strength of the frame and casing make it very difficult to break into and if anyone does attempt it there would be a huge amount of noise made from them breaking in.

    Good quality uPVC double glazed windows will come in 3 levels of glass security;

    • Bronze (standard glass)
    • Silver (toughened glass)
    • Gold (laminated glass)

    All 3 of these windows panes are extremely difficult to smash or crack the panes of glass and again it would make a huge amount of noise.

    Can you break into a double-glazed Casement Window?

    Casement windows are designed with special, hook-shaped locks that insert directly into the frame so they are very difficult to break into from the outside. A lot of intruders will pry windows open, however, this is very difficult with a casement window and the security they offer from their multi-locking systems is second to none.

    How often do you need to replace double glazing?

    On average double glazing needs to be replaced after 20 years but some can last much longer than this.

    Does double glazing block UV rays?

    Double glazed windows do block the majority of harmful UV rays. Some of the sun’s UV rays will still get through but they are the least harmful type of UV ray and you would only become tanned or burned after an excessive period of exposure.

    Are wooden window frames cheaper than uPVC Windows?

    Wood windows are more expensive than uPVC windows and on average wood, windows will cost twice as much as uPVC windows, although both cost the same to install. This makes uPVC windows a popular choice, as well as them now being available in such a variation and choice of colours making them more appealing to many homeowners.

    Will double glazing give me better insulation?

    Double glazing, blinds and shutters can all reduce the amount of heat lost through a window and double glazing today is very energy efficient with A+ Energy Efficiency.

    Double glazed windows and doors reduce the heat lost through your window frames and panes and will keep your home much warmer compared to single glazed windows, as well as keeping your home cooler in the summer.

    Is it better to replace all windows at once or a few at a time?

    The cost of replacing windows in your home will be less if you install more, this is regardless of the window type as you will often get discounted offers from specialist window companies. Always shop around and don’t accept the first quote that you get. If your budget won’t stretch to replacing all of your windows in one go then always replace any old and inefficient windows as you can as it will help to reduce the amount of heat that is lost through them as well as making your home more comfortable.

    Will double glazing save me money on my energy bills?

    Yes, having double glazed windows fitted in your home will save you money on your energy bills as there can be up to 18% heat lost from old or single glazed windows.

    How much do you save with double glazing?

    The savings you will see from double glazing will vary by home and will depend on the size of your home, the number of windows and how well the rest of your home is insulated e.g. cavity walls that are insulated, your roof being insulated.

    On a standard-sized house, you could see up to £200 savings on your energy bills every year with new double glazed windows. This saving would increase as energy prices increase over time.

    What type of double glazed window is the most secure?

    All uPVC double glazed windows are extremely secure with multi-point locking systems and strong frames and casings. The casement window is considered to be the most secure type of double glazed window as there is no way of pulling the windows open without cracking the glass.

    What are the benefits of double glazing?

    –          Better insulation keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer

    –          Decreased energy use

    –          Reduced energy bills

    –          Increased security

    –          Noise reduction

    –          Increased property value

    –          Improved inside and outside appearance

    –          Little condensation

    –          Flexible payment options when you have them installed

    Is it worth putting in double glazing?

    Yes, most definitely as in the long run you will save on your energy bills and your home will feel much more comfortable in both the summer and winter.

    What is an A-rated window?

    The BFRC Energy Window label uses a traffic light A++ to G scale which is based on total energy efficiency. The window goes through a standard test and the result provides a windows Energy Rating based on its overall energy efficiency.

    Is an A-rated double glazed window necessary?

    The better the grade of the window the less energy you will use, therefore an A-rated window will mean the window won’t let out as much heat and you won’t use as much energy to heat your home as well as keeping your home cooler in the summer.

    How do I find out how energy efficient a ‘double glazed’ window is?

    New double glazed windows are tested and come with an energy efficiency rating from A to G. A is the best and G is the lowest energy rating.

    A double-glazed window rated C or above is considered good; however, you can save more money on your energy bills over the years with a better-rated window.

    Why does my double glazing get condensation on the inside?

    You will often see condensation on the inside of double glazed windows because the surface temperature of the window is cooler than the air inside the room.

    If you have condensation in between the panes of glass on your double-glazed window then it is likely the sealant isn’t doing what it should do and then the warm and cold air enters between the panes and creates condensation. If you have new double glazed windows you shouldn’t see condensation between the panes of glass and if you do, you should call the company who has fitted them.

    Always make sure there is a minimum of a 10-year guarantee on any double-glazed windows you have installed to give you peace of mind as it is an investment that you need guaranteeing.

    Why is there condensation on the inside of my house windows?

    Window condensation is created by moisture in the house and when the warm air inside condenses on any cold surfaces which includes window panes. Condensation is less likely to happen with double glazed windows and if the rest of your home is well insulated.

    Why are my windows sweating on the inside?

    Your windows can sweat on the inside from the warm air from your heating when you are cooking, showering or bathing comes into contact with the cold windowpane which makes it cool and condense.

    Does double glazing reduce condensation?

    Double glazing is now very thermally and energy-efficient as well as airtight between the inside and outside of your home and this reduces the chance of condensation forming. Excessive warm air will still condense on a cold window and result in condensation on the inside which is why it is better to keep your home at a regulated temperature rather than boosting your heating and having it really hot and then the temperature dropping dramatically.

    What should I consider when getting double glazing?

    There are several things you should consider and look for when you are installing double glazing and these include:

    • A minimum of a 9-multi-point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind
    • 2 Rollers for smooth operation
    • Deadbolts and locks for added security
    • Weather-resistant seals to keep out draughts
    • Multi-chamber profiles without steel reinforcements to improve insulation
    • Exceeds PAS24 security tests and all other British quality standards
    • Safety friction hinges
    • Child safe hinges
    • Fire escape hinges
    • Easy clean hinges.
    • Endurance tested handles for security and long last efficiency
    • A+ Energy Efficiency Rating
    • Thermal break glass filled with argon
    • Treated surface (soft-coat) to ensure the highest thermal rating and noise reduction
    • 10 Year product and Installation Guarantee
    • 10-Year Security Pledge

    What is a 10-Year Security Pledge?

    Not all companies will offer a 10-Year security pledge and we would advise that this is something you look for. A security pledge means if there is a forced entry gained through the multi-point locking system on a window the company will replace the damaged window free of charge.

    Do I have to have white double glazing?

    flush windowsThere are so many different colours available now for uPVC double glazing so white is not your only option. They come in matt or grain colours and range from white, greys, greens, wood colours and black. There are also different handle options available and these can be white, black, satin, chrome and gold and these will add the finishing touches to your new windows.

    What should you look for in a Window Company?

    • A good, professional-looking website that gives you the opportunity to design your new windows and browse through the types of windows and colours they have available
    • Excellent customer reviews on their website
    • Excellent customer reviews when using an internet search
    • Free and no obligation home appointments to discuss your requirements and their products
    • Free design service
    • They will be able to confidently talk about their product range and the benefits and disadvantages of each one
    • Their double-glazed windows will be ‘A’ rated for energy efficiency
    • They will offer you a free no-obligation quote
    • They will offer you free fitting options for your new windows
    • Their installation will be carried out by fully trained specialists who will install your new windows quickly and efficiently with minimal mess
    • They will provide you with keys for your new windows and be able to provide with more if you need them
    • Their windows will be guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years
    • They will offer you a minimum of a 10-year security pledge which means they will replace a damaged door which has been forced open by an intruder
    • Their windows will be security tested (PAS24-2012), endurance tested (Grade 5) and Corrosion resistant (Class 5)
    • They will tell you how to maintain your new windows to prevent any issues, giving you peace of mind that your home or business is secure 24 hours a day 365 days a year

    About Polar Bear Windows

    We have over 30-years’ experience in the double-glazed window industry and have been voted the best in Bristol for customer satisfaction based on our customer’s reviews.

    We have achieved this by providing award-winning service, quality assured products and money-saving deals to all our customers.

    Our ethos is to improve our customer’s comfort and living standards by delivering great products and providing amazing customer service.

    Each one of our team is committed to our customer-focused delivery and is proud of our exceptional products.

    We offer free, no-obligation home or business visits with one of our expert designers.

    We offer a wide range of double glazed windows, doors and conservatories to suit your style and budget and will work with you to design the perfect one.

    We offer a free fitting service for many of our installations.

    We specialise in casement windows, double glazed and triple glazed windows (uPVC and aluminium), bi-fold doors, composite doors and conservatories and we use industry-leading products to bring you the best.

    We offer free no-obligation quotes and we will beat any like for like quote to ensure you get the best deal.

    We offer a 0% finance option with a small deposit payable.

    About Polar Bear Windows Double Glazing

    • Our versatile range of energy-efficient uPVC double glazing windows will suit your home, style and budget
    • Our uPVC double glazing windows are A-rated for energy efficiency as standard
    • Thermal break glass filled with argon and treated surface (soft-coat) ensures the highest thermal rating and noise reduction possible resulting in A+ energy rating efficiency
    • 9 multi-point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind
    • 2 rollers for smooth day-to-day operation, with engaging deadbolts and locks for added security
    • Weather-resistant seals to keep out draughts with optional trickle ventilation available
    • Multi-chamber profiles without steel reinforcements to improve insulation
    • Exceeds PAS24 security tests and all other British quality standards
    • Safety friction hinges, child-safe hinges, fire escape hinges, easy clean hinges.
    • Handles are endurance tested for 50,000 plus cycles for absolute and outstanding security
    • High corrosion-resistant, even in the most extreme conditions. Corrosion resistance (Class 5)
    • Shootbolt espagnolette security tested (PAS24-2012)
    • Free fitting available (dependent on order and requirements)
    • 10-year guarantee on our products and installation
    • 10-year security pledge
    • Additional features available; fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, all of which can be combined to create an almost limitless range of styles, whilst providing the added benefit of noise reduction, virtually maintenance-free, safety, security and energy efficiency.
    • Privacy glass options available
    • Our double-glazed windows come as uPVC is as standard but aluminium windows are also available
    • All our windows are made to measure and installed professionally by our trained installers to ensure your windows seamlessly integrate with your home
    • Our competitors offer Planitherm as an upgrade option, however, we offer it as standard. The special clear coating on the glass reflects away heat from the sun while optimising heat retention in the room. The transparent, laminated layer creates a strong barrier, dampens noise and blocks UV light (which helps prevent furniture fade)
    • We will beat any like for like quote to ensure you get the best deal around

    Polar Bear Windows Extensive Style Range of Double Glazed Windows include:

    Casement Double Glazed Windows are the most popular option for window replacements. An extensive range of designs and styles to choose from.

    Sash Double Glazed Windows has always had a strong reputation for durability, natural ventilation and longevity. By choosing our sash windows you shouldn’t expect anything less.

    Tilt and Turn Double Glazed Windows are based on casement windows with the added benefit of being able to clean the outside from the inside. Great for properties where access is limited or difficult.

    Bay Double Glazed Windows let much more natural light into rooms.

    Timeless Flush Double Glazed Windows are traditional looking windows with all the benefits of modern uPVC. A premium range which compliments period properties.

    Residence9 Flush Double Glazed Windows resemble 19th-century timber windows, Residence9 premium windows take advantage of modern technology in a period style.

    Our Double-Glazed uPVC Windows Benefits and Performance

    Our uPVC windows exceed the requirements of the Secure by Design Licence, the official Police initiative backed by the Home Office Crime Prevention Unit. All our uPVC windows come with a 10-year security pledge which means if there is a forced entry gained through the multi-point locking system on a window we will replace the damaged window free of charge. This is how confident we are in our products

    If you are considering replacing your windows and would like any information on any of our Double-Glazing Window options please contact us on 0117 327 0127 and one of our experts will be able to answer any questions you may have.

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