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High-specification composite door at an affordable price

Rock Solid Composite Doors in partnership with Polar Bear Windows

Utilising the benefits of several different materials to provide great strength, durability and stylish looks. Composite doors are the new standard in door innovation and if security is important to you – you shouldn’t look anywhere else. Rock Solid Composite Doors are premium door at an affordable price.

Rock Solid Composite Doors is strong, durable and secure. Manufactured to an exacting and high quality specification. The GRP skins are depression moulded featuring a timber grain effect and high definition panels providing an authentic timber like door with all the advantages with minimal maintenance. The doors’ insulation properties are excellent in both sound reduction and heat retention.

  • Industry leading Ultion 3 star cylinders is Secure by Design – Police preferred specification
  • High-security multi-point door lock
  • Internally glazed for security
  • Excellent in both sound reduction (31 decibels) and heat retention
  • MarineSpec – the anti-corrosion hardware
  • High-performance door hinges with multiple adjustments for ease of installation
  • High-performance Q-Lon weather-seal
  • Steel reinforcement
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Any RAL colour or 9 standard popular colours
  • Signature composite door (44.5mm) is 17%+ more thermally efficient than a solid timber core composite door (48mm) and a timber panelled door (44mm).

Rock Solid Composite Door consists of a high-impact uPVC casing (the standard is 2mm), Steal reinformed frame, high-density foam core which provides better soundproofing and insulation than timber. Timber core also can warp and bend if exposed to moisture. Rock Solid Composite Doors are perfect for your Bristol/Bath home.


energy efficiency

20 year

guarantee on product and installation

10 year

security pledge

Finance available

Different composite doors in different colours

Security and durability

The multi-point locking (Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction) system comes as standard. All our doors come with a 10 year security pledge which means we will replace any damaged door which has been forced open by an intruder via the multi-point locking system.

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Up to 20 years guarantee

How Rock Solid Composite Doors are made

Composite door hardware

knockers, spy holes, letterboxes, hinges and numberals in a range of finishes

Ultion 3 Star locks

3* Kitemark & Sold Secure Diamond
TS007 Durability Test Cycles
60% Thicker Key
Extra Strong Molybdenum Core
Double LockDown Mode

Ultion £2,000 guarantee
Should a burglary take place within 5 years from the date of installation and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock we will pay you £2,000. Activation can be completed within 28 days of installation

2022 colour range

Wide range to colours to choose from. You can also have an RAL colour.

Transform your home

A range of modern composite doors to compliment your home

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      + Frequently Asked Questions

      How much do composite doors cost?

      Did you know that building a new composite front door can cost anywhere between £850 and £1500? The price depends on the style of the door, color, the glass used in it as well as hardware.

      Why are composite doors so expensive?

      Composite doors are the most advanced type of door. They offer a myriad of benefits, and it is obvious why they cost so much more than other types of doors when you consider their practicality for your home or business needs.

      Do composite doors come with frames?

      Yes, they do. You'll find a frame on either side of the door which provides stability and support to your new exterior entranceway! The frame ensures all the security feature aligns perfectly with each other.

      What are the disadvantages of a composite door?

      Composite doors start out more expensive than other materials but could save you in the long run as they last longer.

      What is the safest type of front door?

      One of the safest front doors is an aluminum door with steel reinforcement. These are some of the most secure options for your home, so if you want to keep burglars out these are definitely worth looking into!

      What material is a composite door?

      Composite doors are created by combining a few different materials, such as solid timber and uPVC. Each material is chosen for its specific properties to create one of the strongest door products on the market today.

      What does composite front door mean?

      A composite door is a strong, durable and quality finished all-in-one alternative to the conventional front doors most of us are used to. A piece made up from combining different materials together creates an even stronger material that can be thicker than either component on its own; this means it lasts longer as well!

      Do composite doors crack?

      Composite doors are not indestructible so they can face issues over long periods of time however these issues are still fewer than traditional or cheaper doors would experience.

      What should I look for when buying a composite door?

      Most burglaries happen through the front door so many homeowners when deciding on a new door start with a security feature. A composite door with a multi-point locking system and 3-star cylinder locks is a perfect combo. Now all your need to decide on the appearance of your new door.

      Do composite doors fade?

      Your composite door will not fade during your product guaranteed. It's made with a Glass Reinforced Plastic outer skin that is resistant to the elements and looks great even under extreme conditions like rain or shine!

      Are our composite doors draft-proof?

      Composite doors are not only energy-efficient, but they can also prevent drafts. The key to a draft-free door is installing it correctly from the start by making sure that the frame and door are square with each other before inserting any hardware such as hinges or locks into place.

      Do composite doors warp?

      Composite doors are made of a combination of polyurethane, wood fibers, and acrylics. These materials combined make composite doors incredibly durable with few negatives for the environment or homeowner when compared to traditional wooden or PVC types that warp easily and have other negative impacts on both homeowners as well as the planet.

      Do composite doors swell?

      Any door has to withstand the cold winter month and hot summer days without causing issues and some doors do it better than others. A composite door utilising the benefits of several materials can swell ever so slightly but not like other doors which can do it to the point of causing issues.

      Do composite doors scratch easily?

      The door has to withstand lots of wear over the years but that doesn’t mean they can’t look great. The outer skin of a composite door is hardened plastic and is very scratch-resistant. In the event of a scratch/s, you can use a touch-up pen.

      Can you break into a composite door?

      A composite door with a multi-point locking system and 3-star cylinder locks is one of the most secure front doors on the market.
      Breaking into composite doors can be quite difficult if you don't know what materials were used in their construction. The manufacturing process of composite door production is a closely guarded trade secret, but it's possible that many different types of material are combined to create the final product: wood fibers or metal alloy could make up some parts; polymers might form others!

      Do composite doors look plastic?

      There are two main types of doors - uPVC and composite. Composite is the more expensive option with a variety of materials and superior features, while uPVC has been used for many years. Most composite doors have a wood-grain effect embossed onto the surface of the door to give the appearance of wood.

      How much more expensive are composite doors than uPVC?

      Comparing the costs of composite and uPVC doors is difficult because they are two completely different products. While both require installation, a like-for-like comparison would be comparing apples to oranges. A cost-wise composite door can be 30-50% extra.

      How much is a new front door and frame UK?

      There are many factors that go into the cost of a new front door. The average price is somewhere between £500-£2500 for a standard, but it can be much more expensive depending on your needs and preferences. If you're just looking to clean up an old one then there's no need to spend all this money!

      Are our composite doors more secure than uPVC?

      Composite doors are the best choice for your home, with their sturdy and secure frames that are resistant to natural wear. uPVC doors weaken over time due to weathering, making them a less secure door compared to composite doors.

      Are our composite doors burglar-proof?

      For the security-conscious homeowner, composite doors are an excellent choice. They come with a variety of locks and locking mechanisms that make burglary nearly impossible to pull off undetected. No door is 100% burglar proof but a quality composite door will put up the best fight.

      What do I use to clean a composite door?

      Get your composite door looking shiny and new with just a simple sponge. All you need is warm soapy water for this job, which can be created using normal hand soap or washing up liquid and dilute it into some water. You'll want to clean all around the frame and panels of the door in order to remove any dirt that has built up over time- it may stop working properly if too much grit gets inside!

      Can you use wd40 on composite doors?

      WD-40 can be used on doors made from composite materials, but you should avoid using it as a lubricant. You need to use Teflon-based lubes for these types of locks which will reduce wear and friction problems with the locking mechanism while previously mentioned products just dry out quickly over time and won't provide any lasting protection or lubrication benefits.

      Why is my door not closing properly?

      A faulty latch could be the problem. Most interior doors are held together by one or two screws, and if they're loose enough then it won't close all the way. If this isn't your issue though, you may need to adjust where on the frame that part of your door latches with some simple DIY knowledge! Doing so will ensure that no matter how much wear-and-tear happens over time because of changes in humidity levels and more intense weather conditions inside versus outside (braving storms), everything stays secure until we head back into spring again!

      How do you open a jammed uPVC door?

      If your uPVC door gets stuck, it can be hard to open. One common issue is if the screws are too tight and this makes them pinch onto the lock. To fix that problem, you just need to loosen up those pesky screw bolts so they're easier for you to turn!

      How do you align French doors?

      Open both of the kitchen's double doors, exposing its screws. Use a screwdriver that matches these heads to tighten them and see if they're aligned again!

      How do you fix misaligned French doors?

      Are your French doors misaligned? If so, you can try tightening the screws or replacing them. You may need to insert a wood shim if that does not work - this is determined by checking the outer top corners of where they meet and seeing which area needs it most.

      How do you clean uPVC doors?

      • Use a door cleaning solution.
      • Use a warm microfiber cloth.
      • Regularly wash windows and frames.
      • Lubricate moving parts.

      Can you clean UPVC with WD40?

      Cleaning uPVC with WD40 can permanently damage the surface. Use specialist window cleaning products

      Is uPVC better than wood?

      Unequivocally, uPVC windows are better than wood. Eco-friendly and easy to maintain, they make an excellent choice for all homes. Unlike wooden windows which can be easily damaged by weather such as rain or snow, your uPVC window will not let in any of the elements because it's made out of PVC (or polyvinyl chloride). The initial installation cost is higher but that does mean you'll need to replace them more often since there aren't many things a storm cloud could throw at these babies without damaging anything!

      What is the advantage of uPVC?

      Windows and doors made with uPVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering, requiring only a wipe down every now and then to keep them looking great. Unlike natural materials which require annual sanding, varnishing, or repainting due to wear-and-tear from the elements.

      Why is uPVC cheaper?

      uPVC costs less than timber and aluminum. This makes it an even more attractive option. Another hugely appealing feature of uPVC is its low maintenance: unlike metal or wood, you don't have to worry about rusting, fading, or flaking paint!

      What is the price difference between uPVC and composite doors?

      Composite doors typically cost 20%-50% more than uPVC doors. This is because they are made using a sophisticated way, making use of materials and techniques that cost more.

      Are composite doors worth the money?

      Composite doors are excellent value for money and can be expected to last an average of 35 years. They require little maintenance while looking clean and new with a simple wipe-over or oiling every now and then!

      Are composite doors the best?

      Composite doors could be the best way to make your home safe and secure. The materials in this door are strong enough that it is one of the most durable.

      How do you adjust uPVC windows to close tighter?

      To close your uPVC window more tightly, press or lift the frame and move it a small increment. You need to be careful though because this will affect how you use any of these windows in later months as they require tightening with screws on occasion!

      How do you adjust a uPVC door that won't lock?

      uPVC door locks are tricky, but a quick fix is to go into the house and find one of those bracket things you use for pictures. Then push it up against the lock on your uPVC door so that when you close it shut again, at least part of it will be touching both parts where they come together. This should stop any gap from opening wide enough for someone with long fingers to get through unnoticed!

      How do I stop cold air from coming through my front door?

      Do you get cold air coming in through your front door? There are a few things that can be done to keep this from happening. One thing is installing a door sweep along the exterior doors to help prevent cold drafts. You should also consider putting up thick curtains and considering buying ones with thermal lining for extra insulation. Finally, seal any gaps between the interior of your home's edge.

      How do you adjust a 3 hinged uPVC door?

      Do you dread the hassle of adjusting your uPVC door? Follow these simple steps to quickly and easily adjust a 3-hinged uPVC. Insert an Allen key into the hinge at the top, turn it until the desired height is attained If your hinges are too loose or tight they can cause difficulty opening/closing. To fix this problem simply tighten screws on all three hinges with any screwdriver!

      How does the locking mechanism on a UPVC door work?

      A UPVC door has a multipoint locking system included, which you can see when the handle is lifted. The gearbox in this mechanism shoots multiple rollers and hooks to make sure your draft-free space remains secure with no noise interruption.

      What is a self-closing hinge?

      The self-closing hinge is a type of invention that was created to make your life easier. When you close the door on any cabinet, it will shut by itself with just one tap from either side thanks to its spring mechanism inside!

      How much does a uPVC door cost?

      The price of an average white uPVC front door ranges from £500 for supply only to £800 including installation.

      How much is a new uPVC back door?

      Back doors can cost you anywhere from £800 to £1200.

      Is a composite door better than uPVC?

      A composite door is a more durable, long-lasting choice that provides better protection and functionality than a uPVC or wood equivalent. They are 10% thicker than most other doors on the market in terms of thickness, providing added security with their high strength and robustness.

      Can I replace a uPVC door with a composite door?

      You can replace an old, or beat-up uPVC door with composite. You may think you don't need to get any new equipment because of the change in material but all doors require frames and installing one is like building from scratch so make sure your frame will be able to support what kind of installation work it needs to do before cutting anything down!

      What is the best way to clean uPVC window frames?

      If you're looking for a way to clean uPVC window frames, then follow these steps: Use uPVC window solution.
      Next, spray it on the uPVC frame in an even motion before leaving it to stand for around 10 minutes. When that time has elapsed use a clean cloth - preferably dry or dampened only slightly by more distilled water than what's used when cleaning glass-to wipe down any excess liquid from your windows.

      What is a uPVC restorer?

      uPVC Restorer is an easy-to-use product that cleans dirty and weathered uPVC back to white! The powerful cleaning action removes ingrained dirt without scratching the surface.

      Can I polish uPVC?

      There are many ways to get your windows looking great polishing uPVC is removing layers of plaster and therefore not recommended.

      Can you put bolts on UPVC doors?

      Hinge bolts are a simple and cheap way to secure your UPVC door. These hinges attach directly to the door, making them difficult for burglars to access. Install these yourself with just a small budget.

      Are our UPVC doors easy to break into?

      Ever wonder if those UPVC doors are easy to break into? Sure, they may look pretty and sturdy from the outside but that's just because of all of their cheap materials on the inside. So long as your lock is secured with a euro-lock barrel you're golden, otherwise, there will be no stopping whichever thief makes it through without breaking down any walls or windows!

      Can you put a security chain on a UPVC door?

      A security chain can be attached to a UPVC door if the proper fixings are used. This attachment would prove useful for home entrances or other areas where you want additional protection from intruders that may try and break into your property.

      What are the strongest front doors?

      Security at your home means having a strong front door that can stand up to any intruder. The best security doors are made from either timber, uPVC, or composite material and have one of the following locks: five-lever mortice deadlock; anti-snap cylinder lock with multi-point locking system; or an outermost reinforced edge for added strength against attacks on top of these safety features.

      Should a composite door be draughty?

      Draughty composite doors are such a pain, but luckily there is something you can do to fix them! Check out your door and make sure the hinges have been adjusted correctly. Composite doors also need to be fitted properly for draught-proofing purposes. If all else fails, maybe it's time for an upgrade.

      Do composite doors add value?

      We've all been in that situation where we're looking to sell our home. One of the things you want is for your house to stand out from others on the market, but at an affordable price point and without sacrificing too many other features or making any major renovations. Composite doors are one way of achieving this goal! Not only do they provide a stylish look with modern appeal, not only will it increase curb appeal because people tend to associate aesthetically pleasing properties as more valuable ones; but composite doors also offer protection against exterior elements such as windstorms and extreme temperatures which can be detrimental if left unchecked over time.

      Is a new front door worth the investment?

      An entry door replacement might seem like an unnecessary or unaffordable expense, but it is one of the most affordable and important investments you can make in your home. Replacing your old entrance with a clean, shiny new one will give any house that extra touch needed for potential buyers to choose you over the competition.

      Does a new front door add value to your house?

      The way your home looks to a potential buyer is the most important factor in determining whether they will buy it. A new front door can be an inexpensive and easy way to increase how much buyers are willing to pay for your home. If your current front door is relatively modern then a new door might not be the best return on investment. However, a dated, battered old creaky door would send out the wrong message to potential buyers.

      What's inside a composite door?

      Composite doors are made of a selection of materials including durable uPVC and laminated door skin.

      How much can you cut off a composite door?

      Composite doors are often made to measure to ensure a perfect fit so the door shouldn’t need any trimming.
      When it's too little, the edge of your door will be vulnerable and weak. But if you go over 2 inches, then there may not be enough holding strength left in that hollow core - so remove as little as possible to ensure longevity.

      Can you raise a composite door?

      If the compression of your door needs adjustment, follow these instructions. First, adjust to make it easier - turn this screw counterclockwise and that one clockwise until you find where they're both easy. Then go back around again from top to bottom in order: lock side first then jamb next; adjusting each a little bit at a time as needed with lefty loosie-right tighties (you know what I mean). And don't forget about jambs either!

      How do you realign a door?

      It's not just about paint. The first step is to knock the wedge under the door so that it takes some of the weight off your hinges and lockset. Then unscrew one side from either jamb or hinge-depending on how old your house was built-and gently fold outwards until there are two pieces with room left for a little cardboard padding (which will lift up and engage with a strike plate). Cut out small squares of cardboard to fit between these two parts before reattaching them together using screws or nails; this simple trick should help solve any alignment issues!

      How much will it cost to have a composite door fitted?

      If you want an average style, expect to pay £1000 upwards. But this price can increase depending on the type of glass and design features that you choose.

      Can a composite door be fitted to a uPVC frame?

      In order to support each other, composite and uPVC frames can both be fitted with doors. In this way, a door made of one material is paired with the frame that best fits its properties. For example, Composite materials are known for their durability so they would go well in an area where high impact or wear might occur (such as near a pool). On the flip side though; plastics like polyurethane offer more flexibility than hardwoods because it's not affected by moisture which means you could use them indoors on humid days without worrying about warping.

      Are all composite doors the same quality?

      The benefits of composite doors are varied, but not all door panels offer the same level of thermal efficiency. When you're looking to upgrade your home's exterior with a new entranceway, be sure to do your research as not all composite doors are made equal.

      Are our composite doors safe?

      Yes, these tough pieces do offer stellar security features such as an extra layer of glass or plastic just below where your hands touch when opening them up; this keeps any potential burglars from breaking through by placing pressure against one side only--it would take much more force than can be delivered by hand alone to break into one if set properly without needing power tools!

      Can you paint a composite door?

      Most people are not aware that composite doors can be painted. If you have the time and resources, painting a door is an excellent way to transform your space with minimal effort. A spray gun is recommended and use hardwearing paint to ensure results are lasting.

      What type of front door should I buy?

      Do you want a strong door that will last for years to come? If so, steel doors are the best option. Steel is stronger and more durable than other materials like wood or fiberglass, won't crack or warp over time, and can be fitted with any level of security (such as keypad entry).

      How do you unlock a composite door?

      To unlock a composite door, turn the key or thumb turn one full turn away from the lock edge. Push down on the handle to retract each hook bolt and latch so that you can open your house.

      How do I realign my front door?

      Do you want to make your front door work better? Start by using an Allen key on the screw at the side of one hinge. Close and open it a few times while turning 1-2 rotations clockwise, until there is no more drag. Then tweak both hinges for smooth opening and closing!

      Why does my door not latch?

      You might be wondering why your door doesn't latch. Well, it all comes down to the strike plate and how well you align them with each other when closing shut. You'll know if there's a problem right away because one of the two will not work as expected but most times misalignment is just barely noticeable or can only be seen by applying some lipstick on both surfaces- at that point, you've got yourself an easy fix!

      Can you repaint a composite door?

      Yes, but should you? The real question is whether or not using the correct materials and making proper preparation will produce good results. Due to this type of material being made up of an outer layer that is plastic in composition, it can get chipped or flaked if an improper job was done on it.

      Do you need special paint for composite doors?

      Adding composite doors to your home is an excellent way of updating the appearance and functionality. But did you know that there are some special considerations when painting these?
      You can't use regular paint for a wooden door, it will peel off like crazy! And latex paints won't stick either - they're too watery. Instead, try choosing oil-based enamels which means fewer fumes if you plan on using this in an interior room and want something durable as well as attractive.

      Are foam-filled composite doors any good?

      High-density core composited doors can provide better thermal performance than timber core composite doors. If you’re looking for a new door – check reviews to see how others experience the door.

      Are our composite doors foam-filled?

      Composite doors often come with a sealed, foam-filled core. These materials are high in thermal efficiency and durability due to the special composition of glass fiber reinforcement for strength against breakage during heat expansion or contraction. If you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures from hot summers to frigid winters, composite door insulation ensures your home stays at a comfortable temperature all year long!

      What are composite doors filled with?

      Composite doors are filled with high-density foam or solid timber, depending on the brand and model.