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Becoming a homeowner is many peoples dream come true. However many properties are located next to busy roads or congested noisy areas which causes excessive noise entering homes.

Most noise enters a home through windows as they are comparatively thinner then insulated walls. Investing in acoustic windows will provide additional soundproofing barrier to create a quieter home.






for busy noise areas



Noise reduction acoustic windows Bristol Bath


    The increase in road and air traffic in cities such a Bristol and Bath, insulating building interiors against noise has now become major importance for many homeowners. These and other sources of noise such as railways, and neighbours can cause people to experience inconvenience, annoyance and stress. Glazing and windows can play an important part in reducing this noise.

    We used Pilkington Acoustic glass as it is a high-quality laminated glass that offers excellent noise reduction without compromising on light transmittance or impact performance. The desired acoustic performance can be achieved by combining various thicknesses of glass with a special transparent interlayer. With a large variety of product combinations, we are able to offer the opportunity to achieve specific noise reduction to your requirements.

    Our standard acoustic glass has a noise reduction of 36db, we can offer high db reduction but it depends on your requirements. Pilkington is an industry leader in acoustic glass production and we have access to the full range so we are confident we would be able to help with your noise reduction needs.

    There is a range of noise reduction acoustic windows which suit different types of noise. During your home appointment – we can recommend a type which will suit your needs.

    Same great performance as uPVC double glazing windows but with acoustic features.



    Does acoustic double glazing work?

    Acoustic windows are highly effective in reducing the amount of sound that enters a property as the PVB laminate and interlayer absorbs much of the noise and vibrations, allowing less sound to enter. Acoustic glazing can reduce sound penetration by up to 40dB (and even more if required), to put this into context it would reduce loud traffic noise from 80dB to a quiet 40dB noise which is a 50% reduction.


    Benefits of acoustic windows:

    Less disruptions noises from outside

    Quieter home


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