The smart way to build foundations

For your conservatories, extensions and garden rooms needs


With Durabase your conservatory or extension; you will experience a smoother process and quicker build time. Your bespoke, engineered steel base frame will sit on concrete pad foundations.After which, precision built side walls can be installed, that can be pre cut for running first fix electrics prior to insulation and your choice of internal finish. Externally the walls can be rendered, brick clad or timber clad to your specification.

Less waste

The only foundations required are a number of concrete pads placed at strategic points around the base. This means far less excavation work and waste material to dispose of compared to traditional methods of base construction.

Cost effective

No need for expensive relocating of manholes or drains. When work is required in tight spaces, traditional foundations would need deeper excavation. Durabase can work around existing structures.

25 guarantee

Durabase has been in business for 30 years, which means the product is tried and tested. Most builders offer a 1 year guarantee, we are so confident in the steel frame that we include a 25 year guarantee.


Less waste

Cost effective

25 year guarantee

Durabase system

Our superb steel bases provide the perfect foundation for anyone wanting to extend their home with minimal hassle. Pre-fabricated precision modules come together beautifully on-site.

Wet based system

Old fashioned building methods take much longer and therefore more disruptive and costly. You can experience further delays if weather is unsuitable.

The perfect match

A wide range of bricks, stone, render ready or plain particle board for the finish of your choice.
40 styles to choose from, here is a few

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Installation of Durabase

Step by step progression of how we will transform your home

Step 1

Durabase can be sited anywhere, even on a sloping site. Install the concrete pads as per the pad plan supplied. Note the lack of mess and disruption.

Step 2

Attach the steel to the house wall, build and level the base using the adjustable legs.

Step 3

Attach brick skirt and modular wall to the steel base and finish by fixing the bridging tiles in place.

Step 4

A wide range of bricks, stone, render ready or plain particle board for the finish of your choice. The completed build will have all the home comforts that you have in the rest of your home.

Modular steel base and wall systems Durabase

The smart way to build

Building projects have a habit of dragging on, being stressful, messy and an overall unpleasant experience. We want to deliver the best overall result for our customers, which is why we recommend Durabase.

A reduced build time

One delivery directly to your site – everything you need for the building base and walls! Getting everything delivered to your site increases the speed of your construction, improving scheduled activities and overall productivity.

Flexibility of construction

The Durabase System is compatible with a wide range of doors and windows as well as light weight roofing systems such as Guardian roofs, allowing you to develop a complete modular build to suit you. Manageable components that can be carried through your property, making Durabase great for homes with limited access.

Thermal performance

U-values of 0.22W/m2k and 0.18W/m2k.

Environmentally conscious construction

The Durabase manufacturing process results in tighter control of materials with the use of CAD and automation allowing material usage to be optimised. Therefore, the production of elements can have much lower resource inputs and reduced waste outputs compared with on-site construction. The substitution of traditional methods with on-site systems corresponds to a reduction in waste of between 20 and 40%.

The result for you

Durabase leaves you in control resulting in you getting more done in less time! What’s more with a guarantee of 25 years you can be assured you are in the safe hands of a company that is proud of its work and reputation.

Every good build starts with good foundations, Durabase is durable, tailored around your needs and can be built efficiently.

Quality guaranteed due to our consistently good manufacturing process. High quality parts throughout are used, from steel to brick slips. A bespoke, engineered product that is tailored to you and can be adjusted on-site.

Durabase has steel manufacturing heritage of over 30 years – we know how to get a quality job done.

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