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        + Frequently Asked Questions

        Are A-rated windows worth it?

        Do you want to reduce your energy bills? You need an A-Rated window! With the right windows, it can be easy for heat from a fireplace or radiator to escape and make your home colder. But with an A Rating on its side, these problems are gone like magic because of their excellent insulation capabilities.

        What makes an A-rated window?

        What makes an A-rated window? Well, to be honest, it's all about the numbers. Higher the letter the better. The letter rating is calculated using a formula that takes into account the windows’ overall thermal efficiency and air leakage (what percentage of heat from the sun passes through).

        Is all double glazing A-rated?

        No. not all double glazing is A-rated. In the UK, all WER schemes operate on a similar principle: rating the whole window including all of its components, such as frames and gaskets. And under current European regulations, you cannot provide an energy rating for just glass without considering other parts like frame type or air leakage rate from gaps around it.

        How do you stop condensation on the inside of windows?

        You can keep your thermostat at a consistent temperature throughout all rooms, and if there is any room in your home that isn't being used often, make sure you close its door. Another easy trick would be opening those unused doors every day for two hours so they don't get too humid or over-crowded with water vapor from other parts of the house!

        Is condensation on the inside of windows normal?

        Condensation on the inside of windows is just a sign that winter has arrived and we'll soon be warming up with some snow.

        Is water from condensed window fog bad for health?

        Condensation on the inside of your home means there is too much humidity in the room. The actual water droplets on the glass are not a health issue but high humidity in a room can cause health issues.

        What's the difference between A and A+ rated windows?

        A+ windows have a higher energy efficiency rating than A-rated ones. They're also more expensive to order and install, but they save on heating bills in the long run. You can also get A ++ rated windows.

        What U-value are A-rated windows?

        1.4W/m2K is the average for an "A" rating, but some have lower g-values and perform better than others!

        What is the best type of double glazing?

        The best type of double glazing is PVC because it's cheap and efficient. Aluminum frames are not as good, but wooden ones cost more and do the same job. The most popular style for double-glazed windows is casement or sash depending on what you prefer!

        What's the difference between A-rated and C-rated windows?

        A+ graded windows are more energy-efficient than those with lower or no letter grades. The letter rating is calculated using a formula that takes into account how much solar heat passes through, overall thermal efficiency, as well as air leakage of the window product. C Rated windows are a good option for those on a budget.

        What is the life expectancy of double glazing?

        A window that has been fitted to withstand exposure will have a lifespan between 20-25 years, but those in sheltered locations can over 30 years.

        What to look out for when buying windows?

        When purchasing windows, consider what your home needs. Windows provide natural light and outside views while also providing insulation from drafts in the wintertime. The best type of window for any house is one that blocks out wind and UV rays as well as being energy efficient to save on heating costs during cold seasons or cool air conditioning bills during hot summer months!

        What does the U-value mean in Windows?

        The U-value is a measurement of how much heat escapes your home through the windows. The lower his number, the better! A low U value indicates that you will be keeping more money in your pocket due to less energy usage and save on heating costs all year round.

        How much does a window replacement cost?

        It all depends on the material of your new windows and what you're willing to spend. The most common range is anywhere from £150-£1200 depending on how fancy or cheap your preferences are!

        Can I replace windows myself?

        If you are handy, have experience in home improvement projects, and have the time, then you can install the windows in your house. The disadvantage of doing this yourself is that it will take a lot of time to finish, especially if you are going to install many windows.

        How do I get my uPVC windows white again?

        1. Use a windows cleaning solution.
        2. Use a warm microfiber cloth.
        3. Regularly wash windows and frames.
        4. Lubricate moving parts.

        How do you maintain uPVC windows?

        Wash it down with warm soapy water twice a year. Wipe the window dry and clean off any residue from your hands or dirt that may have accumulated on the glass surface. Be sure to use clear liquid spray glass cleaner for regular cleaning of both sides of each pane, as well as between them if they are not separated by hardware strips, like in double glazed units (this helps keep out moisture).

        Is there any adjustment on uPVC windows?

        Despite having a more rigid frame, there is no difference in the adjustment process between aluminum and uPVC windows. If you have an old wooden window that doesn't need adjusting then it will not require any alterations to be made for either type of material when replacing them with new frames.

        How do you fix a uPVC window that will not close?

        To fix a uPVC window that will not close, replace and fit new hinges. Adjust the locks so they are in place when you do this. When installing them again, make sure everything is firm before putting on any of the glazing (glass).

        Why won’t my window close all the way?

        Check for paint that's preventing it from slamming shut. Cracks in the window frame can also make your windows too hard to close completely, or worse--prevent them entirely! A bit of dirt could have got into the hinges which over time has rusted the window shut, consult a windows repair specialist.

        Why is my uPVC window not closing properly?

        When a door or window doesn't close correctly, it's usually due to something is worn out on the hinges that interlock with each other and hold up your sash. If you only replace one hinge when this happens, then eventually both will wear down because they won't be working together as well anymore since there are no longer any locks in place for them to catch onto. That’s why you have to replace both hinges.

        How do I stop draughty uPVC windows?

        Draught-proofing your window starts with the locks. There are two types of locking mechanisms you may have: a side lock and a centre channel lock which sits on top of the lower rail. You can simply adjust it using an Allen key, making sure to close tightly against weather stripping at the bottom or outside edge for optimum protection from windy days when cold air wants in! The seal between the window frame and glass is also important - check that there are no gaps before winter hits.

        Why is my uPVC window so drafty?

        Your uPVC windows can't keep the wind out, and this leaves you at risk for colds.
        Find out when your windows were installed as it could be a sign that you need new windows.

        Can you get your windows resealed?

        When one of the panes in a double-glazed window is faulty, it's time to either replace or seal them.
        We would always recommend with any faulty product to get them repaired or replaced as issues normally develop into bigger problems and faulty items put the security of your home at risk.

        Can I fit my own uPVC Windows?

        If you are going to do the installation of your uPVC windows, you are required to inform the local Building Control body once you are finished with it so that they can do an inspection and certification on it.

        How much does it cost to fit uPVC windows?

        UPVC windows are in high demand. Cost depending on windows size and spec and where you are in the country. To fit a uPVC window it would cost around £150 – £400.

        Can I screw into a uPVC window frame?

        Drilling screws can be applied to the material, but it is important not to drill too deep as this could potentially damage other materials on the opposite side of the window.

        How do you install a uPVC window?

        1. Take a measurement of the window opening.
        2. Make use of the shims surrounding the frame.
        3. Use the driller to put holes in the window frame.
        4. To ensure that the window is plumb, make use of a level.
        5. Put screws on the uPVC window.
        6. Put the window to the frame.
        7. Put the sealant on the window.
        8. Attach the glass.

        How much does a new uPVC window cost?

        The average price for a new uPVC window can cost around £500. For an extra-large window, the cost will be more expensive with about £700 pounds on average.

        What is the average cost to replace windows?

        The price to replace a window can range anywhere from £145-£1450, with the national average at around £724. The price depends on different factors such as glass type and window frame material. Labor will run an extra cost of about 150-300 per window.

        How much do uPVC windows cost in the UK?

        The price of a window can vary between £300 and £400 for the size 1m x 1m. For example, if you're looking at 2x120cm UPVC windows, it will cost around £700 to install them in your home.

        How long do uPVC windows last?

        These windows generally have a lifespan of 20 to 25 years. Longer if well maintained.

        Are aluminum windows better than uPVC?

        Some people think that aluminum windows are better than uPVC because they're stronger and slimmer. But you should also know about the downside of this type of window: they are a lot more expensive to install in comparison with UPVC.

        How do you measure uPVC windows?

        If you want to measure the uPVC windows, be sure to do it in three different places. Measure from left and right for height and top-bottom for width on all four sides of the window.

        Do you measure a window from inside or outside?

        In order to measure a window correctly, it is best practice to take the width at three different points. You should not include any trim in this measurement; only look for the inside jamb on both the left and right sides of each individual window you are measuring. The bottom one-third may be wider than others due to molding or other casing that extends inward from the outside wall plane into the room space (and vice versa).

        What are standard uPVC window sizes?

        Windows fitters would install windows that are a perfect fit regardless of the size of the opening as everything is made to order. Some shops might sell pre-made windows which are certain sizes but these would just be based on round numbers like 500cm, 750cm, or 1metre.

        What are the benefits of uPVC windows?

        uPVC windows are a smart investment that gives you unbeatable value for money and impressive durability. It also offers effective insulation, increased safety, and security with its soundproofing capabilities, as well as stylish window styles to fit your home's unique personality!

        Which is the better material for window frames: PVC or uPVC?

        The difference between these two types of plastic comes down to a single ingredient, and that's plasticisers. Plasticisers make PVC more soft and flexible which means it can be used in things like cables, toys, shower curtains, even clothes!

        Are uPVC windows good?

        There are many great reasons to choose uPVC windows. Firstly, they're an excellent option if you need new double or triple glazed windows that will help with insulation in your home. Windows made of upvc generally have better thermal insulating properties than aluminum and can be lightweight - which means installation is quick and easy!

        Which is better: aluminum or uPVC windows?

        Auminum frames are stronger than uPVC, which means they can have a slimmer appearance and larger glass surface area. Powder-coated aluminum in particular lasts for an extremely long time with whatever finish you choose.

        Are most windows uPVC?

        Many homeowners are choosing the cost-effective, energy-efficient uPVC option in their quest for a thermally optimal home.

        How much does it cost to double glaze a house UK?

        Double glazing is expensive. Depending on the size, type of window and location of your home, costs can vary between £400 to £800. This depends largely on what you need as well as how long it takes for installers to get the job done with different types of windows needing materials and labor time that are more or less costly than others.

        How do double glazed windows work?

        To create a strong and insulated home, installing double-paned windows is an excellent choice. Double panes of glass are glued together with gas in between the two layers to seal out cold air for the winter and to keep noise from seeping into your living space.

        What are the disadvantages of double glazed windows?

        Double glazing is a good choice for homes in colder climates because it allows less room for heat to escape, but not all properties need double glazing. When deciding whether or not you should invest in double-paned windows, consider your climate and how much money you want to spend upfront. Although double-paned windows are more expensive than single-pane windows, they save you on energy bills over time by keeping the house warmer longer. The added value of an energy-efficient property also makes investing in them worthwhile since these types of houses sell faster and for higher prices than non-energy efficient ones.

        Can you Demist double glazing?

        It might seem like a lot of work but there are ways to Demist your Double-Glazed Windows. If you have condensation on the outside, just wait for warmer temperatures during the day and this should clear up with time. If you have condensation on the inside, make sure to keep plenty of air circulating by opening windows or turning on fans in order to get that moisture out!

        Can you repair misted double glazing?

        Repairing a double glazed window is no easy task. A blown pane of glass can't be fixed, and it won't fix the foggy or condensation issues with your panes either. Buying new glass panes for the entire unit is cheaper than repairing misted/blown glazing units on an individual basis.

        How long does double glazing last?

        A double glazed window produced today will last for 30 years on average. If it is fitted in a sheltered location, not subject to any extreme weather and maintained, the lifetime can be increased by an additional 10 years.

        Does double glazing lose its effectiveness?

        Double glazed windows are made up of two sealed sheets of glass with an insulating void between them, but over time the effectiveness can wane. This is because if the seal goes around only one pane, air replaces either a vacuum or inert gas that would normally be in-between. Over time this will cause heat to escape and cold air to enter through the window when it's opened.

        How do you get rid of condensation in double glazing?

        As the cold air from outside enters your home, it creates a difference in temperature that will cause condensation. To reduce this, you should limit the amount of moisture inside your home by introducing less humidity as well as making sure there are no leaks or drafts. As the cold weather sets in, you might notice your house getting a little more stuff.If this is the case, consider these simple steps to help fight off those pesky winter blues: keep your home at constant temperature with less cold surfaces, open up windows or use extractor fans when taking showers and baths to make it easier for moisture to escape from around the house, and don't dry clothes inside as well as not using an extractor fan in your kitchen. These are all small but effective ways of reducing that musty feeling that comes with having damp walls and floors during colder months!

        Can you fit double glazing yourself?

        Imagine how much money you could save if you knew how to install double-glazing. But, the truth is that it can be a disaster if done incorrectly and it takes a lot of skill to do well. Don't try this at home! It is possible to double-glaze yourself and taking this course of action will enable you to save some money while looking out for your own best interests. However, unless you are proficient, highly competent, and have all the right tools, it could be a disastrous and expensive decision to install DIY double glazing. The installation of new windows is something that most people are hesitant to do themselves, mostly because they don't want to risk damaging their property and have to pay for the cost of a professional. It's important that you get the proper training before going ahead with your own window installation, and if you don't then it might end up costing you more money in the long run. If you're not an expert on installing windows then it could be best to hire a contractor rather than risking doing it yourself and potentially having legal issues when selling your home.

        How do double glazed windows work?

        Double glazing is a fantastic investment for your home, and is great to save money on heating and cooling bills. Argon gas acts as an insulator and reduces sound.

        What does double glazed mean?

        Double-glazed windows are made of two pieces of glass but air in the gap between them act as insulation. These windows are easy to install and do not require any installation hardware other than screws or clips which hold the frame together.

        What does double glazed mean?

        Double-glazed windows are made of two pieces of glass but air in the gap between them act as insulation. These windows are easy to install and do not require any installation hardware other than screws or clips which hold the frame together.

        How do double glazed windows reduce heat?

        Double-pane windows are for those who wish to save money and keep their home cozy. Double-panes of glass have a special gas in between the two panes that keeps it insulated from heat loss, keeping your house warm during winter months and cool during summer. Aside from this, they also provide protection against sound waves which can be an issue with single pane glass. Double pane windows are created with a special gas inside the two panes which provides insulation against heat loss during winter months or hot days in the summertime. They also provide soundproofing because of how thick they are, preventing noise from penetrating through them into other rooms of your house.

        Can you just replace the glass with double glazing?

        Single glazing has a serious problem, which is that it's too thin. With the depth of double glazing being much greater than single glazing pane, it is often impossible to swap out single glazing for a double-glazed window in the same frame. If you currently have single-glazed windows, there are two possibilities: either the whole window will be removed and replaced with a new high-performance double-glazed window (with new frame) or just one side of the top portion of your old glass will be swapped out to make room for another piece of thicker glass on that side.

        How does double glazing help keep a house warm?

        Double-glazing is a window consisting of two panes of glass separated by argon gas. The layer of argon gas has 67% thermal conductivity, which means it's not very good at keeping heat inside your home and can even make the air in your house worse. This also helps improve energy efficiency because the warm air can't escape easily.

        Can you replace just the glass in a double glazing window?

        Some windows can be replaced due to broken glass and the old glass should match the size and depth as close as possible. The replacement window pane needs to fit snug in the frame for it to work. Windows with blown/misted glass lose their energy efficiency performance, which is why it's important to get them replaced immediately. Reviews with