Set your foundations the right way with Stop Digging

Ground screw is similar to concrete post or pier block, but outperforming them. They are quicker to install, no need for excavation, more affordable and durable.

Our ground screw popular for supporting extensions, garden rooms, deck and conservatories. The screws come in different lengths to suit different soil densities (soft or hard). Where concrete and brick foundations can take weeks to build and carry a 1 year guarantee, with Stop Digging foundation can be laid in a day or 2 and carries a 25 year guarantee.




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Ground screws with SIP

25 year guarantee on Stop Digging round screws

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Benefits of ground screws 

Concrete foundations are messy, expensive, disruptive and not environmentally friendly.   Ground screws come in lengths between 865mm and 2500mm and have been in the construction industry for over 80 years.



We will first drill a pilot hole to the depth of the screw. This will tell us more about soil conditions to assist in choosing the right screw to suit you.

We also can carry out a pull test to ensure the screws we are using is suitable and can take the load of the new structure.

Polar Bear Windows trained installer drive the screws in using specially developed, high torque machinery and a laser to get the screw perfectly straight.

They can be installed in all weathers and even into the frozen ground during the winter. The process causes no damage to the surrounding area. We can create a hole through a paving slab or tarmac which is ideal for many people with existing builds.

The screws can handle the vast majority of soil types, including stony. Small stones get pushed out of the way and large ones will crack as the screw goes through the pre-drilled hole.

Ground screws are placed 1/ 1.5 metre apart to create a fixed, durable and long-lasting foundation. We will then install a base fixed to the screws creating a platform.

Your new extensions, conservatory or garden room will then built on top of this platform.


How long does ground screws last for

Will most builders offer 1 year guarantee on their works, with Stop Digging ground screws we provide 25 years guarantee although they will last much longer. You can build a 2 story extension on Stop Digging ground screws so you know they are made to last.


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