Home extensions made easy, quicker and cost-effective


Traditional methods of building an extension are expensive, time-consuming, create waste and face an array of issues on site. 10 day extensions are high-quality, durable and fully meet building regulations. The construction is:

  1. Faster to build, as sections are pre-fabricated and come together seamlessly.
  2. Cost-effective as cost of construction is shorter and therefore more affordable.
  3. With pile based system there so there is less waste because there is very little excavation required
  4. Longer guarantees than traditional build systems

Comprehensive guarantees

High-specification product

Cost effective

Energy efficient

Extensions for your Bristol home

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If you love your home – get more out of it with a new extension. We take care of the whole process saving you time, money and hassle.


How 10 day extension (Guardian extension) is built video 



3 steps to your 10 day extension

Step 1 – BASE

We have two styles of foundations for extensions, QuickBase and Durabase. Pile style foundations are versatile and have been used on small extensions to skyscrapers. During your home visit, we will analyse the area for the intended extension and recommend the best option. We can also do traditional wet based systems.
Benefits of pile base systems are that they are quicker to install, more cost-effective and can be constructed on difficult foundations making it a perfect option for many homeowners in Bristol/ Bath.

Visit our Quickbased page

Visit our Durabase page 



Step 2 – WALLS

We use Kingspan TEK panel system for the walls of your 10 day extension. High-specification, highly energy-efficient wall system which has proven itself as an industry leader in pre-fabricated walls. With a wide range of wall options like bricked and rendered makes it suit your home perfectly.

Visit our Kingspan page



Step 3 – ROOF

Guardian Warm Core Roof is an insulated tiled roof system with an aluminium structure that is lightweight enough to be installed on conservatoires.

Visit our Guardian Roof page

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Upgrade products Allow natural light and improve your view of the garden with bi-fold doors, french doors, roof lights, velux windows, patio doors and windows.

Finishing touches It is important to create a space which you can enjoy every day, that is why you can add finishing touches to your extensions like spotlights, plug sockets and radiators to create a comfortable environment.




Process of our 10 day extension for your Bristol/ Bath home

Your new extension will follow the process below which has been proven to be an effective way of constructing an extension.

Base is laid to the correct specifications for your Guardian Room.

Wall and sole plates installed ready to receive the Kingspan TEK® panels.

Subsequent panels are installed with specified window and door openings.

Expanding urethane sealant is used between all panel joints for superior airtightness.

Wall panels are securely fixed together with a nail gun.

Corner joints are nailed together to ensure structural strength.



Structural ringbeams are sealed and secured to the top of the Kingspan TEK® wall structure.

The aluminium roof structure is secured to the ringbeam and exterior grade ply-board is fixed.

The breathable waterproof membrane is laid over the plywood and secured in place.

Roof is battened and chosen tiles are added ensuring weather-tightness. The gutter and external trim are secured.

3 layers of high-performance insulation (between and over rafters, and insulated plasterboard), is installed.

Your Guardian Room is now ready for internal finishes.



Breathable waterproof membrane is secured to the Kingspan TEK® walls.

Timber battens are then secured to the outer.

Your chosen external finish is applied.

The interior has services added and is battened ready for internal finish.

Interior has the chosen finish applied. Your Guardian Room is now ready to enjoy.

Your safety has always been important to us

We take the wellbeing of our customers and staff very seriously and have increased preventative measures and set up new protocols in the wake of the Covid-19 virus. We will continue to deliver on our promise of installing quality products with excellent customer service; whilst ensuring your safety.

You can read our Safety Promise here.

If you prefer not to have a home appointment with one of our designers, there is several other ways of getting a quote:
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