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      Quality uPVC windows from Polar Bear Windows:

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      energy efficient double glazing windows

      Energy efficient Windows

      All our double glazed windows have a thermal rating of ‘A’ or higher. uPVC energy efficient windows ensure the warmth stays inside your home and is not wasted radiating out of your windows. Less wasted energy means lower energy bills which is better for the environment.

      Maintenance free products icon

      Maintenance free windows

      All our windows are virtually maintenance free, saving you time, hassle and money on maintenance. No need for painting, varnishing, regular cleaning or oiling. There is no risk of rot or chipping.


      Secured by quality locks

      The security of our customers is very important to us, which is why all of our windows come packed with security features like MACO espagnolettes multi-point locking systems.

      Acoustic windows icon

      Noise reduction windows

      The properties of the frame and argon filled glass panes ensures a good level of sound proofing as standard. If you live next to a busy road you can enjoy peace and quiet with our acoustic windows, we recommend 6.4mm toughened/laminated windows which reduce noise pollution significantly.

      award winning service double glazing windows

      Up to 20 year guarantee

      Up to 20 year guarantee gives you extra peace of mind after your installation. Our guarantees are also backed up by our manufacturer meaning you are protected by 2 parties.

      Award winning service

      1.2 U-value glass

      We provide Pilkington A-rated as standard, this industry leading glass company provides a superior U-value which ensures your home is well insulated. Old single pane windows can have a U-value of 5-6 is too high for todays standards. Upgrade options to triple glazing and Pilkington Solar-E/elite are available to lower your U-value even further.

      secure double glazing windows

      Secure windows

      Multi-point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind. Exceeds PAS24 security tests and all other British quality standards. Free window replacements with Polar Bear Windows unique Security Pledge.

      Recycling icon


      Our windows are made from high-grade recycled uPVC and can also be recycled after their lifespan. We pride ourselves on delivering great products as well as looking after the environment for future generations.

      uPVC double glazing windows in Bristol and Bath

      We have an extensive range of uPVC windows to suit your home. We also have aluminium profiles too. Book your home appointment to get a free quote.

      We provide quality white windows, grey windows, chartwell green windows, brown windows and wood grain finish windows – along with many other colours and finishes.

      Privacy glass/ obscure glass can be used to add a sense of privacy without loss of performance.

      Why people choose Polar Bear Windows for?

      We offer up to 20 year comprehensive guarantee to give you extra peace of mind. We also protect your deposit with an Insurance Backed Guarantee.

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          + Frequently Asked Questions

          What type of window is the most energy-efficient?

          Casement windows are the best type of window for your home. This is because they keep cool air in and heat out, preventing you from wasting energy on cooling down a room that doesn't have any sunlight or natural airflow at all!

          How much are energy-efficient windows?

          In order to save money in the long run, invest now in energy-efficient windows. Generally, you can expect to spend £500-£1200 per window depending upon their efficiency and as a result, could see savings of 7%-15% on your home's power bills.

          How can I make my old windows more energy efficient?

          1. Locate the gaps and seal them.
          2. Has double glazing been installed?
          3. Have window frames upgraded.
          4. Buy window coverings that are upgraded.
          5. Put window film.

          How can I insulate my old windows without replacing them?

          A simple and inexpensive way to insulate your old windows is through window inserts. They are an aluminum frame with weatherstripping foam around the outside, and clear vinyl "windows" in the frames that just press directly into any size or shape of a window. The insert creates a thermal barrier by trapping air between it and your existing window so you can enjoy energy savings from an insulated glass while maintaining natural light inside during inclement weather conditions such as rainstorms or hot summers without needing to replace all our windows!

          Are old windows energy efficient?

          Saving on energy bills is not the only reason why old windows are better than new ones. The design of these historic objects has a lot to do with it too, and for those who care about their environment, this may be even more important!

          Do energy-efficient windows pay for themselves?

          In most cases, new energy-efficient windows don’t pay for themselves but they could. Depending on where your home is, the size of your windows, and specification, for example, a yearly saving of 7% saving on energy bills over a 30 years period could mean big savings. New windows also improve your curb appeal and make the house more desirable to homeowners if you were going to sell you properly.

          Can you make single-pane windows more energy efficient?

          The next time you're getting ready to replace your single-pane windows, why not consider dual or triple glazing? These options will make it easier for the heat in your home to stay inside and lower energy costs. You'll also be making a smart decision that will protect both our planet's resources and yours!

          How can windows save energy?

          The use of double or triple-paned windows can help to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler during summer. These are especially good for conserving energy when it comes to heating and cooling, but they also have other benefits like blocking out noise.

          What makes a window energy efficient?

          The window is energy efficient when it has a high-quality frame, many panes of glass, low e coatings for the pane. It needs to be reinforced with spacers and have gas in between the windows that insulate against heat transfer.

          How much heat do you lose through your windows?

          A typical house loses 10% of its energy to the outside world, but with proper window insulation, that figure can be reduced significantly. The best way for architects and homeowners alike to reduce their heating costs is by investing in a good quality thermal barrier material such as silicone or polyurethane foam sealant.

          What are the best windows to put in your house?

          For those looking for a new window, you have to consider some features that are important. You want one with the best insulation and if possible one that is energy-efficient - these windows need tinted glass in order to do so; otherwise it won't work as well or be very expensive.
          Get 3 quotes from companies and decide which company offers the best options for you.

          What type of window lasts the longest?

          Plastic, wood, and aluminum windows are the most comment material used for windows – they have very different characteristics which means they behaving slightly differently over a long time. A few things which will tell us how long any window would last is the weather, where your house is positioned, and how well maintained the windows are kept.

          Are double-hung windows more energy efficient?

          Casement windows are much more energy-efficient than many other window types. They have tight seals that limit air infiltration, and they contain multiple bulb seals to prevent heat from escaping.

          What are the best windows for energy efficiency?

          If you're looking to be as energy-efficient as possible, it's important to make sure that your windows have the best insulating properties. With a simple upgrade from a single-pane glass into dual panes of insulated glass and some argon gas in between layers, you'll get almost double the insulation without any additional cost for installation or maintenance!

          Do you know which type of window is best for your home?

          Casement windows are generally considered better than double-hung windows at keeping out drafts because the seal around casements can be quite tight. The benefit to choosing a casement window over other types is that they allow outside air inside and cools down the house quickly when opened all the way up.

          Are double-pane windows more energy efficient?

          Double-pane windows are more energy-efficient than single-pane ones. They're also a good idea for people who want to cut their heating costs, but still, need all the natural light they can get. That's because double panes generally have better insulation properties and that means less heat lost through your window glass in winter or hot air escaping during summer.

          Are smaller windows more energy efficient?

          If you're looking for an energy-efficient window, it's probably best to avoid single-pane windows. Double-paned glass is the route that will save you money and more importantly, a lot of headaches in your home life thanks to less time spent on the air conditioning or heating up when they shouldn't be necessary!

          Who makes the most energy-efficient windows?

          Constant improvement in the industry make this question hard to pinpoint. Triple glazing units are currently the premium option when it comes to windows as they offer the highest energy rating.

          What is the most energy-efficient glass?

          Dual-pane glass helps you save money on your energy bill, as well as being environmentally friendly. It insulates almost twice as efficiently as single pane glass and it can be filled with inert argon gas to improve its thermal insulation properties even more.

          What are the best insulating windows?

          Fiberglass window frames are specially made to give them superior thermal performance. When it comes down to what the best insulating windows are, fiberglass is always a safe bet for homes in any season - summer heat or winter cold will be no match against its strength!

          What is the most energy-efficient type of glass for double and triple glazing?

          Low-E glass! This special coating reflects heat back into your home but still lets in light.

          Are all new windows energy efficient?

          New windows can save you money on your heating and cooling bills. Energy Star studies show replacing single-pane windows with double panes could provide savings between 21% to 31%.

          Are insulated windows worth it?

          The question of whether insulated windows are worth it has been a debatable one for many years. With the standard today being double-glazed low-E windows with insulation between, these new additions to old standards have made improvements in preventing heat loss and gain which lead to more stable temperatures inside any home.

          What are high-efficiency windows?

          They're also known as energy-saving windows, which work to save your heated or cooled air from escaping when you need it most. Their increased insulation reduces your home's energy usage and bills while making the inside of your house more comfortable too!

          What are the costs of installing new energy-efficient windows?

          New, more environmentally friendly, and cost-effective ways to heat your home come at a price. The average window replacement can range from £500 to £1200 for each time that you replace it. This is because they vary in how much energy efficiency they provide - so obviously if you're looking for an upgrade with a high degree of insulation possible then expect to pay top dollar!

          What is the labour cost to install windows?

          It ranges from £150 to £500 per window. A single window unit runs anywhere between 150 and 500 pounds depending on the size of your home's needs and tastes for custom features such as whole bay windows which can run you around 1500 pounds! Get quotes from local contractors to get a better idea of what it would cost in your area before committing.

          What is a reasonable price for replacement windows?

          On average, homeowners spend £150-500 to replace a single window. A larger bay window might require an investment of about £1500 for installation.