Guide to composite doors in Bristol & Bath

Composite door guide

Whether you own a period or modern home, live in the city or in the countryside, a large farmhouse or a flat – there is a composite door for you. Composite doors are made to measure to ensure a perfect fit and a extensive range of designs which will create the perfect first impression of your home.
For more information, you can contact one of our friendly sales team which can help you further. They can also arrange a designer to come to your home to discuss your options.





Composite doors FAQ’s

What is a composite door? 

Utilising the benefits of several different materials to provide greater strength and durability, in an extensive range of stylish designs. Doors are wrapped in GRP (glass reinforced plastic) skin, aluminium versions are also available for added security. Composite doors are the number 1 choice for front external doors in the UK.

What is the difference between a panel door and a composite door?

uPVC doors are normally 28mm thick and predominantly made from plastic which has been pressed and glued together under high-pressure. Whereas composite doors are normally around 44mm thick and made from a combination of quality materials such as steel, carbon fiber and wood which has been glued together under high-pressed and wrapped in a GRP skin. The specially selected combination of material used is to enhance the doors characteristics; make it more secure, more durable and stylish.


External front door checklist (composite door) 

When looking for a new front door the list below will help you choose the right door for your Bristol or Bath home.

1. How can I design my bespoke composite door?

Many composite door installers offer an online platform to design your bespoke external door, you will also receive a quote based on your design. We recommend visiting the showroom if you are unsure on the finish of the door furniture such as handles. There will be sample products in the showroom which can further guide your design.
– Polar Bear Windows has one of the largest showrooms in Bristol. 

2. How secure is a composite door?

Each door is constructed with high-quality materials and manufactured for optimum performance and durability. Multi-point locking system which is anti-bump, anti-pick, anti-drill, anti-snap, anti-extraction system. A secure door is only as good as its lock! Doors should be Secured by Design accredited, the official Police initiative backed by the Home Office Crime Prevention Unit.
– Secure your home today with Rock Solid Composite Doors which fully adhere to the above specification.

3. How do I look after a composite door?

Composite doors are virtually maintenance free, saving you time, hassle and money. To keep them looking new, occasionally wipe with a damp cloth. Composite doors have been designed to withstand the adverse British weather conditions throughout the year.
– Enjoy virtually maintenance free Rock Solid Composite Doors for your Bristol & Bath home.

4. Energy efficient & soundproofing 

Composite doors normally have a foam or timber core which has been specially selected to give the composite door a high energy efficiency rating and offer great soundproofing. Composite doors are pressed and glued together under high-pressure and then put into a GRS skin which creates for a packaged product, even the decorated glass is laminated or double glazed to ensure energy is not lost through the glass.
– Rock Solid Composite Doors are excellent for energy efficiency and soundproofing. 

5. Which composite door company is best?

There is not a grading system to compare doors in the composite door industry. There are many composite door companies on the market offering a range of features. Experienced installation companies can recommend a brand which they can recommend to ensure you get the best product.
– Rock Solid Composite Doors are exclusive to Polar Bear Windows in the Bristol and Bath area.

6. How much does a composite door cost?

There are many things that affect the cost of a composite door like the specification, upgrades or special requirements and the brand of the composite door. The average cost of a composite door is £1,500 (fitted and including VAT).
– We have chosen Rock Solid Composite Doors as our supplier as they offer great value for money and the excellent consistency in their quality doors is one of the best on the market. Our composite door prices start from £950

7. Best composite door installer in Bristol/Bath?

We recommend looking at reviews of the installation company that you are considering to fit your front door to confirm a professional service. Also, a long-established installations companies tend to hold a wealth of expertise which helps for a smoother installation experience.
– Polar Bear Windows has been rated the best in Bristol for customer satisfaction and has almost 30 years in the installation industry. Design your composite door today.

8. How quick can I get a composite door?

Depending on the specification of your composite door; manufacturing can take 2-6 weeks and installation of a standard composite door is normally fully fitted within 3-5 hours.
– Polar Bear Windows have a 3 week manufacturing turnaround from point of the survey and 4 hour installation period.

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