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What are Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows are windows made from the robust, silvery metal, aluminium.

Aluminium itself is highly resistant to corrosion, meaning aluminum windows are extremely long-lasting. It also benefits from being strong yet light.

aluminium_windows_bathWhen were Aluminium Windows introduced in the UK?

They reached peak popularity in the 1970s with the start of the double glazing boom in the UK but have subsequently been eclipsed by cheaper uPVC windows.

Why Choose Aluminium Windows?

Clearly, there are reasons to choose aluminum windows or they wouldn’t have lasted so long in the market. Among the key ones are:

Thin, attractive aluminium window frames

Aluminium’s strength means windows have narrower frames. This can improve the design of the window and obviously maximizes daylight potential of a window.

  • Best for large windows

  • Because aluminium doesn’t expand or contract as much as uPVC, it’s a better alternative for anyone wanting very big windows in their Bristol or Bath home.
  • Green Windows

Aluminium windows are 100% recyclable plus it’s an abundant material so it definitely scores highly with any customers in Bristol or Bath wishing to have environmentally friendly windows. It goes without saying too, that in common with all the windows we offer, improved insulation makes your home more energy efficient and reduces your carbon footprint.

  • Colourful Windows

  • While most people with aluminum windows in the Bath and Bristol areas play it safe with white, silver or grey colours, there is a whole RAL palette of colours to choose from in gloss and matt finishes.  You can even get different colours for the inside and outside of your windows!
  • Low maintenance

  •  Aluminium, being so string, requires little maintenance to ensure they remain looking pristine and free from faults. They won’t require repainting like timber frames should you choose to get coloured frames.


casement aluminium windows in bristol

The Benefits of Aluminium Windows

The key benefits of aluminium windows relate to why you should choose them above: they are –

Light yet strong so can have thinner frames and let more light in

100% recyclable so environmentally friendly

Huge range if finishes available

  • They don’t stick as much as windows like uPVC ones as they don’t expand and contract as much

Which Aluminium Windows?

Anyone looking for aluminum windows in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham and all surrounding areas in the south west, should – and yes, we would say this, talk to Polar Bear. We stock high quality aluminium windows from Reynaers.

Are Aluminium Windows available in Double and Triple Glazing?

double glazed aluminium windowsIf you want triple or double glazed aluminum windows and live in Bath, Bristol or surrounding areas in the soth west, then please contact us. Aluminium led the way of the double glazing boom in the 70s and as a lightweight but robust material is perfectly suited for your double or triple glazing.

Types of Aluminium Windows in available in Bristol and Bath

You really aren’t limited when it comes to choosing aluminium windows for your home as they are available in all the main window designs. We stock a wide range of aluminium window systems

Aluminium Sash Windows Bristol and Bath

For anyone looking for a period feel to their home or wanting to upgrade on rotting timber frames, aluminum sash windows are a great option. They can be painted in any colour of your choosing along with a range of finishes on the ‘sash’

Aluminium Casement Windows

Casement windows are commonplace for a reason; they are hugely effective. We can fit aluminium casement windows in a huge array of finishes and colours according to your specifications. They are manufactured from the highest quality aluminium then hand-finished to provide you with the perfect fit. Simply contact us today

Aluminium Tilt and Turn Windows

Aluminium is a great metal for tilt and turn windows, being easy to maintain and lightweight so you don’t have wide frames restricting your view.

Aluminium Bay Windows

Anyone looking for aluminium bay windows in Bath, Bristol and beyond will not be disappointed by our high quality and competitively priced bay windows.

Aluminium bay windows will ensure your home in quieter, more secure while looking great too.

They come in plenty of colours and finishes, just contact us here to let us know what you want and we’ll get right back to you.

Bespoke Aluminium Windows

All our aluminium windows are made individually so we can accommodate your requirements and needs. Simply contact us here and let us know what specifically you want

Aluminum Windows Energy Rating

At Polar Bear, we ensure all our windows are A+ rated windows when the glass is glazed into window frames. This ensures your aluminium windows are guaranteed to be energy efficient and meet the highest standards. You can read our guide to A rated windows.

Where to Buy Aluminium Windows?

Most major window outlets can source aluminum windows. If you live in Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham or North Somerset and surrounding areas in the south west, you can contact Polar Windows on 0117 327 0127 about buying your aluminium windows.

Glazing and Finishing

We have many, many options for the glazing and finishing of aluminium windows so rest assured we will be able to meet your glazing needs and any finishes you might want. Aluminium windows do benefit by coming in many colours and wide number of finishes

What is the cost of Aluminium Windows?

Your aluminium windows will be costed according to your requirements as large windows and different window types have different cost points. To find out the cost of your aluminium windows, you are best obtaining a free, no obligations quote here if you want us to contact you back or create your own quote online here.


To talk to us about your aluminium window needs, you can phone on 0117 327 0127, or leave a message here and we will contact you. You can also create your own windows quote here

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