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Benefits of bi-fold doors explained by Polar Bear Windows & Doors

Bi-Fold Doors explained by Polar Bear Windows, Doors & Conservatories of Bristol, Bath and Somerset

Bi-Fold Doors have become more and more popular over recent years with so many benefits and they make a brilliant alternative to traditional French or sliding doors in a home or business.

What are Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold doors are made up from a series of panels that fold up flat against an inside or outside wall in one movement, much like a concertina.  They are a great way to combine and open up your home into your garden and vice versa, as well as giving you a great view out into your garden when they are closed.

Why would you have Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-folding doors help to create the illusion of space and this comes from their slim frames and the large expanse of glass panes that draw you to look beyond the end of a room and out into the garden or outside area.

Are Bi-Folding doors practical?

Bi-folding doors give you a very modern and stylish look as well as having many practical benefits compared to other types of doors. The main reason people choose to have bi-fold doors is that they create a bright and open feel to your home or business when you are inside with uninterrupted views to your garden, and when they are open and folded back flat they open up your home into your garden and vice versa.

What are Bi-Fold Doors made from?

Bi-Folding door frames can be made from uPVC, aluminium or wood and there are pros and cons to all of them; uPVC bi-folds tend to be cheaper, however, aluminium is the better option for larger openings due to their superior strength and durability (3 times stronger than uPVC). Wooden bi-folding doors are the more expensive option. The majority of bi-fold fitted in the UK are made with aluminium frames.

How many panes of glass can you have in Bi-Fold Doors?

Bi-fold door panels standard sizes are normally 2090mm or 2100mm tall, and this is only slighter taller than a standard internal door. You can have anything from 2 to 6 panes in your bi-fold doors and this all depends on the width of your opening. Some people choose to have them the whole width of their room which gives a dramatic, modern and open feel.

A bi-fold door with several panes of glass can be configured in the same way as a door with fewer panes. The panes can all fold in one direction, left or right, or they can be split to open in both directions. The more panes you have in a bi-fold door the more it is suited to opening in both directions either side, as you need a lot of space to have 6 panes stacked at one side. You can have access doors incorporated into your bi-folds to make it easy when you don’t want to have to open them up completely to access inside or out.

Which way should a bi-fold door open?

A bi-fold door can open to the right, the left or from the middle and they can concertina inside or outside the door opening. The space outside of your property will dictate if they can open inside or out. Most people choose for them to open and stack outside to ensure there is no restriction on furniture inside of the door opening.

What are the benefits of Bi-Fold Doors?

–    The large panes of glass allow the maximum natural light to enter a room

–    When they are open, they bring your inside and outside space together

–    When they are closed, you have amazing, uninterrupted views of your outside space

–    They can open and stack one or both sides of your opening and flat against the wall so they don’t take up any room or cause any obstruction when they are open

–    You can have flexibility in which way they open (inside or out), if they open up as one whole door and stack one side, or open up centrally and stack both sides

–    You can incorporate access doors within your panel to make it easier to go in and out when you haven’t got them fully open

–    Their concertina opening and is smooth and easy with minimal effort needed

–    You can have them made to open and stack inside or outside

–    They are modern and stylish

–    They are extremely secure with multi-point locking systems

–    They look much like a whole glass wall, making smaller spaces feel bigger and larger spaces bigger again

–    The frames are thin and sturdy

–    They can divide larger spaces into smaller spaces when fitted inside and this is often used in open-plan offices when privacy is needed at certain times

–    They are extremely energy efficient

–    They are easy to maintain

–    They are sturdy, long-lasting doors

–    They will add value to your home or business and create a real wow factor

What are the disadvantages of Bi-Fold Doors?

–    Each pane of glass has its own frame and when they are closed you can see the slim frames, however, the design means you can open them up completely and join your inside and outside space

–    Your choice of frame colour is an important consideration to ensure they match with your interior décor when they are fully closed. Always remember that darker coloured frames will highlight their structure

–    Although the lack of a raised threshold is positive in so many ways, if they are not installed correctly it can cause potential issues. In these cases, groundwater can be blown inside. This can be prevented with a drainage system if needed

–    If you stack the doors inside it can limit your space for furniture

–    Bi-fold doors can cost more than other types of doors due to their framing and the quality and amount of glass in them. Always shop around for quotes from a reputable window and door companies, such as Polar Bear Windows and Doors, that you trust. The frame material, type of glass and finish will all affect your price. Always check if the installation is included in your quote as this will vary from supplier to supplier.

What colour can you have Bi-Fold Doors in?

Bi-folding door frames can come in a vast range of colours from your standard white, black and grey to bright and vivid RAL colours.

How long does it take to fit Bi-Fold Doors?

It depends on the width and design of your bi-fold doors but on average, a standard 3-pane door will take 4-5 hours to install. The amount of time for installation will vary so always check this with your supplier.

Can you have blinds on bi-Fold doors?

You can have blinds fitted directly onto your bi-fold doors which become integral to the frames and this protects and prevents them from swinging when your bi-folds are opened and closed. Roller, Pleated and Metal Venetian blinds can all be fitted into a bi-fold door.

Are Bi-Fold Doors energy efficient?

Bi-folding doors are extremely energy efficient as the aluminium frames comprise of a polyamide thermal break which helps to create an energy-efficient door. Insulated glass panels give a good quality bi-fold door and high thermal performance with an A+ energy rating.

Will Bi-Fold doors keep my home warm?

Bi-folding doors not only open up into your garden in the summer, but they also keep you warm in the cooler months with their high thermal performance. You will certainly see a difference compared to an older style door.

Can you have corner Bi-Fold doors?

Bi-fold doors can be designed and manufactured to fit around a corner offering maximum natural light, energy efficiency and a truly amazing look. They can be manufactured at either 90 or 135 degrees

depending on the angle which best suits your property best.

Do I need to have a new frame with Bi-Fold Doors?

You would need a new frame with bi-folding doors as the frame and panes are manufactured to fit together to enable you to easily open and close them.

Can you have Bi-Fold windows?

You can have bi-folding windows and they are designed to create a wide and open view, sitting flat against the wall when they are open, much like shutters do.

Can you have Bi-Fold doors in a business?

Bi-folding doors are great for any business who want to allow as much natural light to enter their space, to give clear views to the outside, for warmth in the winter, coolness in the summer and to their combine inside and outside space. If you have an open plan space or office that at times you may need privacy for meetings or to separate different areas at certain times, then internal bi-fold doors are a perfect option.

How secure are Bi-Fold Doors?

Good quality aluminium bi-fold doors will have multi-point locking (Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction) system which should come as standard. They should also come with two high-security hooks and a dead-bolt to ensure you have total peace of mind.

Good bi-fold door suppliers will also offer a 10-year security pledge and this means they will replace any damaged window or door which has been forced open by an intruder as they are so confident about their product.

How do you open Bi-Fold Doors?

Insert the key into the lead access door and turn it to unlock

Open the lead door fully and attach it to the magnetic keep on the adjacent door

Rotate the slave handles 180° to release the doors

For doors opening out – push the door frame above the slave handle and open the door fully, ensuring the lead door always remains against its magnet

For doors opening in – pull the door sash inwards and guide the doors open, again always keeping the lead door against its magnet

How do you close Bi-Fold Doors?

Place your hand between the first and second doors and guide the doors along the track

For doors opening out – pull the D-shaped handle to close the doors and lock them into place by rotating the slave handles 180°

For doors opening in – push the frame until the doors are shut

Repeat the previous steps until all slave handles are in their locked positions

Using the lead access door handle, pull it from its magnetic keep and close it

Lift the handle up to engage the locks

Insert the key and lock the door

How do you lock Bi-Fold Doors?

You lock a bi-fold door with a key as you would lock a front or back style door.

Should Bi-Fold doors open inwards or outwards?

Bi-fold doors can be manufactured to open inwards or outwards and to fit your opening perfectly. Outward openings are the preferred option as you don’t need the swing room inside to open and close them and water doesn’t drip inside when they are wet if open in bad weather.

Are Bi-Fold Doors guaranteed?

Good and professional bi-fold door suppliers, such as Polar Bear Windows and Doors, will offer you a 10-year manufactured backed comprehensive guarantee as well as a 10-year security pledge. A security pledge means they will replace any damaged window or door which has been forced open by a burglar as they are so confident they can’t be broken into.

How many Bi-Fold doors do I need?

Bi-fold door glass panes come in various standard sizes and every supplier will be able to discuss your door opening and how they would design your new bi-folding doors. A good window and door companies will be able to supply panes up to 1200mm wide which allows fewer and wider glass panes for uninterrupted panoramic views.

If your door opening isn’t wide enough then professional window and door companies will offer a service to widen your opening to enable you to have the bi-fold doors you want.

Do you need planning permission for Bi-Folding doors?

If you plan on significantly altering a door opening then we would advise that you check with your local authority if you need any permission to do it. This type of alteration would normally be covered under permitted development rights, but this is not always the case.

Are Bi-Fold Doors double glazed?

Yes, bi-fold doors are double glazed and extremely thermally efficient, good doors will come with an A+ energy rating which will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

What is the frame made from for Bi-Fold Doors?

It depends on which bi-fold door you decide to go with, uPVC, aluminium or wood. Aluminium bi-fold doors are the better option due to their superior strength and durability, they can be 3 times stronger than uPVC bi-fold doors and less costly compared to wood.

Are Bi-Fold Doors energy efficient?

Bi-fold doors should be extremely energy efficient if they are good quality and installed well. Always check the doors energy rating before you buy and remember that an A+ Energy rating is what you are looking for.

Are Bi-Fold Doors draughty from the multiple panes?

No, new bi-fold doors will have airtight frames and energy-efficient double glazing which prevent the draughts from coming in.

Are Bi-Fold doors expensive?

Every bi-fold door is bespoke, with different glass pane widths and number of panes in its design so there isn’t a standard price. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay £1,000 to £1,500 per panel (including vat and installation).

What is the best type of Bi-Fold doors?

Aluminium bi-folding doors are stronger than uPVC as well as being lightweight and easy to slide open and closed. They come in a huge range of colours and can be double glazed with a slim frame which won’t obstruct your view of the outside.

What should you consider when looking for a Bi-Fold Door supplier?

Look at a Bi-Fold Door Companies website to see if it looks up to date and professional

Look at their customer reviews on their website as well as using other internet searches

Professional and reputable companies will offer you a free no-obligation home or business design and measuring service

They will be able to confidently talk about their product range and the benefits and disadvantages of each one

They will offer you a free no-obligation quote

They will offer you fitting for your bi-fold door

Their installations will be carried out by fully trained specialists who will install your new door quickly and efficiently

They will provide you with a set of keys to your new bi-fold door and be able to provide with more if you need them

Their doors will be guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years

They will offer you a minimum of a 10-year security pledge which means they will replace any damaged window or door which has been forced open by an intruder

They will tell you how to maintain your new bi-fold door to prevent any issues, giving you peace of mind that your home and business is secure 24 hours a day 365 days a year

Polar Bear Bi-Fold Doors

–    Our slimmer and stronger aluminium frames increase the ratio of glass to frame therefore letting more light into your space

–    Their clean joints and subtle lines offer an exceptional finish

–    Our aluminium bi-folding doors can accommodate panes up to 1200mm wide allowing fewer and wider glass panes for uninterrupted panoramic views

–    Durable construction and precision engineering for super-smooth operation

–    High thermal performance with an A+ Energy Rating

–    Double  glazed options conforming to all of the British Standards and Building Regulations

–    You can upgrade your patio door or French doors to bi-fold doors by widening the entrance, and we can do this for you

–    Energy-efficient glass panels

–    Strong aluminium profiles

–    Slim sightlines

–    Flush profile for a sleek look

–    Our aluminium bi-fold profiles are 3 times stronger than uPVC

–    Multi-point locking (Anti-Bump, Anti-Pick, Anti- Drill, Anti-Snap, Anti-Extraction) system comes as standard

–    10-year security pledge which means we will replace any damaged window which has been forced open by an intruder

Our bi-fold doors offer a choice of opening configurations to suit your needs including:

–    Doors opening inwards or outwards

–    All doors sliding to one side

–    Single entrance door for easy access and you can have the remaining doors slide the opposite way

–    Doors parting centrally to create a double door

Our bi-fold four threshold options let you choose from:

–    Floor to floor flush threshold

–    A traditional step which provides maximum weather rating for extreme conditions

–    Flush doorways, our low threshold options ensure a smooth, unobtrusive transition between room to room or inside to outside which can be beneficial for wheelchair users or young children

Our aluminium bi-fold doors security features:

–    Two high-security hooks

–    A dead-bolt to ensure total peace of mind

–    Upgraded locking systems are available if required

Our bi-fold guarantee is a 10-year manufactured backed comprehensive guarantee.

Every door is bespoke and therefore there is not a standard price. As a rough guideline, you can expect to pay £1,000 to £1,500 per panel (including vat and installation).

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