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About Us

We are proud to say that we offer a range of quality windows, windows doors conservatories, and conservatories to customers in Bristol and surrounding areas.

Energy Efficient Windows

We specialize in double glazed, windows doors conservatories, which are energy-efficient and help customers save money on their heating bills.


Our double glazed windows and door are also great for security, as they are much harder to break than single pane windows and glass.

We also offer sash windows and doors, which are perfect for homeowners who want to create a traditional look for their property.

Our Range

In addition to supplying and installing windows composite doors, we also offer a range of conservatories.

Our Durabase Conservatories are built with a sturdy steel base and feature insulated cavity walls composite doors and a range of glazing options.

Quality Service

At Polar Bear Windows, we pride ourselves on providing a quality service to our customers. We discuss each job with our customers to ensure that they get the perfect windows, doors, or conservatory for their property.

We also replace old windows with our efficient double glazing windows, which can help customers save money on their energy bills.

Quality Service

Efficient Installation

We have many happy customers who have praised our quality service and efficient installation.

At Polar Bear Windows, we aim to create the best windows, doors, and conservatories for our customers, and we are committed to providing the highest quality products and service.

Casement Windows

Polar Bear Windows is one of the top-quality window companies in Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Our casement glass new front door and windows are a popular choice among homeowners due to their energy efficiency and durability.

Replacement Services

We provide replacement windows that are of high quality and offer excellent insulation. Polar Bear Windows is committed to providing the best quality windows in Bristol and South Gloucestershire.

Wide Range

We offer a wide range of windows, including casement windows, which are perfect for homes that need new windows.

Our company is known for amazing customer service, our efficient installation process and our commitment to providing quality products and services. If you are looking for windows in Bristol, look no further than Polar Bear Windows.

Sash Windows

Polar Bear Windows offers a range of modern and stylish sash windows and doors that are perfect for replacing old or worn-out windows in your house.

Our double glazed windows are energy efficient and made with high-quality glass, ensuring customer satisfaction and a long-lasting replacement.

Variety Of Styles

With a variety of window styles and frames available, our sash windows are designed to suit any room in your home.

The professional installation process ensures that your new windows and doors are expertly installed, leaving you with a beautiful and energy-efficient space.

Visit our showroom in Bristol to see our range of quality windows and discuss your glazing needs with our team.

Bay Windows

Polar Bear Windows is a top-quality window company in Bristol and South Gloucestershire that offers a wide range of high-quality windows, including upvc windows.

Add Value To Property

Our Bay Windows not only add value to your property but also enhance the look of your house. Polar Bear Windows takes great pride in installing double glazed bay windows that are energy-efficient and durable.

Our team of professionals are experts in installing bay windows that are tailored to suit your needs and preferences.

With our commitment to quality and efficient installation processes, Polar Bear Windows is the perfect choice for all your glazing needs. Visit our showroom today to discuss your window requirements with the experts!

Tilt & Turn Windows

Polar Bear Windows’ Tilt & Turn Windows are a top-quality, energy-efficient choice for your home.

Our extensive range of double glazed windows includes double glazing windows made with high-quality glass and frames that are tailored to suit your needs and preferences.

Professional Installation

With complete peace of mind and professional installation, Polar Bear Windows’ recent projects have included house replacement jobs, demonstrating their commitment to quality and efficient installation processes.

Maximum Insulation

Our double glazed windows are designed to provide maximum insulation and energy efficiency, making them the perfect choice for those living in Bristol and looking for windows that are both stylish and functional.

Choose Polar Bear Windows for your next window replacement job and experience the difference our top quality windows alone can make in your home.

Flush Casement Windows

Polar Bear Windows Flush Casement Windows are top-quality windows designed to provide excellent energy efficiency and a sleek style that complements any home.

With our double glazing and professional installation job, these windows Bristol-based are a cost-effective way to replace old, outdated windows and improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Highest Quality Windows

The glass used in these windows Bristol is of the highest quality, ensuring that you receive the best possible value for your money.

Whether you’re looking to replace a single window or install new windows throughout your home, Polar Bear Windows has the excellent products and competitive prices you need to get the job done right.

Flush Windows

Polar Bear Windows offers top-quality energy-efficient windows, doors, and bi-folds in Bristol.

Professional Installation Process

Our professional installation service ensures that your house is fitted with modern and stylish windows that are double glazed, making them energy-efficient. Our glazing is of the highest quality, making it a cost-effective way to replace old windows and improve energy efficiency.

We Do Any Job

Our company offers excellent products at competitive prices for any job, whether it’s a single window replacement, a door or a full home installation.

With our expertise in conservatory installations and replacing old windows, Polar Bear Windows is the go-to company for all your glazing needs in Bristol.

Residence9 Windows

Polar Bear Windows offers Residence9 Windows, which are designed to replicate the traditional 19th-century flush sash timber windows, but with all the benefits of modern UPVC.

Low Maintenance

These windows are perfect for period properties, listed buildings, and conservation areas. Residence9 Windows are energy-efficient, secure, and low maintenance, making them a practical choice for any homeowner.

Our team of experts can install these windows with precision and care, ensuring that they blend seamlessly into your home’s architecture while providing excellent performance and durability.

Get in touch with Polar Bear Windows to learn more about Residence9 Windows and how they can enhance your property.

Aluminium Windows

Polar Bear Windows’ aluminium windows are the perfect combination of style and functionality, making them a popular choice for homeowners in Bristol.

We offer an extensive range of aluminium windows and bi-fold doors that are not only energy-efficient but also low maintenance.

Hassle Free Experience

Our expert installation service ensures that replacing your old double glazed windows and doors is a hassle-free experience.

Polar Bear Windows’ aluminium windows and doors view offer an enhanced aesthetic appeal to any property, making them ideal for both residential and commercial use.

We also provide composite doors and uPVC windows, ensuring that customers have a wide range of options to choose from.

Our Team

Polar Bear Windows is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality windows, doors, and conservatories to our clients.

Our company has been in the industry for several years and has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and top-notch products.

Best Products And Outcome For Clients

One of the things that make Polar Bear Windows stand out is our team of professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that clients get the best products and services possible.

Our team at Polar Bear Windows is made up of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are passionate about what they do.

Our Sales Team

From our sales team to the installation team, each member of the team is committed to providing clients with a hassle-free experience. The sales team is knowledgeable about the products and services offered by the company and is always ready to answer any questions that clients may have.

The installation team is made up of experts who have years of experience in the industry and can install windows and doors with precision and accuracy.

Satisfied Customers

When it comes to customer service, our team at Polar Bear Windows goes above and beyond to ensure that clients are satisfied with the products and services provided.

From the initial consultation to the final installation, the team is always available to address any concerns that clients may have.

After Sales Support

We also offers after-sales support, which ensures that clients can always rely on the team if they experience any issues with their windows or doors.

In conclusion, our team at Polar Bear Windows is professional, reliable, and dedicated to providing clients with the best products and services possible. Whether you need new windows and doors, doors, or conservatories, you can trust the team at Polar Bear Windows to deliver exceptional results.

Double Glazing FAQ


It depends how many windows you’re are replacing as to how long it will take to install as well as the type of window being replaced on average, each window takes anything from an hour to 3 hours to install. The time it takes to install the window will be different depending on the size and type of window.


Good window companies will remove and dispose of any of your old windows and do it in an environmentally friendly way so that as much of the window as possible is recycled.


Double glazed windows will typically last up to 20 years, however, this can vary anything from 10-35 years based on the quality of the window installed, the quality of installation and where the windows are situated. Over time double glazed windows will become less energy-efficient and they should be looked after to ensure they last you as long as possible.


Double glazing will reduce the amount of sound and noise that comes in from outside. As the two panes of glass are not in direct contact the sound waves and noise are dampened and softened which results in a quieter inside. Double glazing doesn’t completely block out the sound from outside, however, it does significantly reduce it.

If you live near a busy road you should consider acoustic double glazing – which is designed to damper noise entering your home by around 40db.  Acoustic glass is the industry-leading option for noise reduction.


Double glazing can and will inevitably lose its effectiveness as it gets older as with any product you buy. Good window companies will give you a 10 year plus guarantee on the windows they install as they are confident with the quality of the windows and their installation practices.


The average lifespan of a double-glazed window is around 20 years and well looked after windows much longer, however, this can vary dependent on the quality of the windows when they were first installed, the quality of installation and how well they have been looked after over the years.


Wood windows are more expensive than uPVC windows and on average wood, windows will cost twice as much as uPVC windows, although both cost the same to install. This makes uPVC windows a popular choice, as well as them now being available in such a variation and choice of colours making them more appealing to many homeowners.