It Pays To Be Green. Recycle and get money off

Polar Bear Windows recycling program

We recycle your old products and the money we get will be deducted from your order. Enquire today and see how much money you could get for your old windows and doors.

Recycling discount will be included in your quote.
Discount can not be used with any other offer.

It is important to take responsibility and ensure we make a positive contribution to the environment
Lowing energy bills with energy-efficient products.
Our manufacturing processes are very efficient.
When installing new products, the old material gets recycled.

We will continue to improve our services to ensure we always have environmentally friendly processes.

Energy efficient products

lower energy bills

Recycling old products

Get money off

Enjoy new windows and doors at reduced price

It pays to be green

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3 easy steps 

You don’t have to do anything – the value of your windows & doors will be reduced from your quote.

We recycle the wood, aluminium, UPVC and glass from your old windows.


  1. Home appointment get a quote from Polar Bear Windows

  2. Save money the value of your old windows & doors will be reduced from your quote

  3. Enjoy your new home New products and saved money


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