Installing solar panels is the smart way of powering your home. Harness the energy of day light throughout the year.

Polar Bear only use the most qualified and experienced tradesmen when it comes to domestic solar panel installations in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas…. Providing solar power to you.
At Polar Bear we have a solution for nearly all domestic installations. Solar is right for virtually everybody.


energy efficiency

10 year guarantee on product
and installation

10 year

security pledge

Entrance doors from£50pm

over 3 years

How much does it cost to install?

Get a solar system from £4,500

How much will I save?

a total annual saving of £800

How it works

Innovation in solar panel development and an increase in demand means it has never been cheaper to install state-of-the-art equipment which would fuel a significant amount of your homes electrical needs.

The system is seamlessly integrated directly into your homes electrical network, which will power your appliances and devices throughout the year.

When your solar panels produce more power then you require, the excess is diverted to the grid. Your energy provider will credit your account accordingly.

At times where you’re using more power than producing the system will use the extra power off the grid. This switching of sources ensures your constantly maximising you solar panel potential.

You will also be paid an index-linked tax-free sum every quarter, bacs’d to your bank account for 20 years.

Installing a solar panel system not only saves you money on your electricity bill but allows you to use greener cleaner energy for your everyday needs.


Drive down your fuel bill

The electricity generated from your solar panels, as well as powering your home, can be used to power your electric or hybrid car. This will significantly reduce running costs. As fuel prices continue to rise, get ahead of the game and save with every mile you drive.

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