Green Home Grant Explained

    Information correct at the time of Aug 2020

    Industry experts have researched the Green Homes Grant to help home owners understand if they qualify and how to apply.

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    General information on Green Home Grant (video)

    What is the Green Home Grant?

    The Green Home Grant has been set up to boost energy efficiency in the home. The government will give you vouchers which can be redeemed against approved companies.

    650,000 home will benefit from the scheme

    The government will cover the cost of 2/3 up to £5k, and up to 10k in low income households to make your home more energy efficient.

    Application will be available in September 2020 and you will be notified if you qualify.

    Polar Bear Windows will accept the Green Home Grant vouchers


    What will it cover?

    Products the Green Home Grant will cover:

    1. Loft insulation
    2. cavity insulation
    3. floor insulation
    4. Newer, more efficient boilers
    5. Heat pumps
    6. energy efficient windows
    7. energy efficient doors


    Green home grant info
    Green home grant information Bristol. 2020

    It has been suggested that there will be a ‘tier’ approach so that wall, loft and boiler installations would be given priority.

    Criteria for the grant regarding windows and doors?

    Requirements for Green Home Grant:

    It is unlikely you will be approved if your EPC [Energy Performance Certificate] is Level C or above.

    Grants just for windows and doors will not be available – it needs to be part of a larger package, for example,  you would need to get wall insulation, windows and doors as a package.

    We have insight to suggest that to be approved for windows you must have single glazed windows and want double or triple glazing. If you already have double or triple glazing it is unlikely you will be accepted for the grant.

    UPDATE (1st NOV 2020)

    We have been informed that the Grand Grant Scheme will valid for homeowners which currently have single glazing windows and want double/ triple glazing. We will post a link to where you can apply for the Green Grant Scheme here once the government has created the application.


    To receive a grant towards windows and doors you MUST apply for a voucher for a primary measure first, these include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation, underfloor insulation, Loft conversions (room in the roof), air or ground source heat pump and solar thermal biomass boilers.

    If you already have all of the above you will not be accepted for the scheme for double glazing on its own.

    We would not recommend that you pay a deposit to any company before you receive confirmation that you have been approved for the Green Home Grant – if you are not accepted and you wish to cancel your order you may lose your deposit.

    The cost of the secondary measure can not exceed the cost of the primary measure eg; if you receive £400 for loft insulation you can therefore receive no more than £400 for your secondary measure.

     The grant will run from September 1st – 31st March 21.

     All information can be found on the government website;


     What’s covered

     Single glazed windows

    Single glazed doors

    Solid doors fitted before 2002

    Secondary glazed in addition to single glazed


     The voucher covers 2/3 of the cost up to £5000 per household

    The £10,000 voucher applies to households on at least 1 income based or disability benefit if this applies the voucher covers the whole cost.

     Who is eligible

    Home owners

    Park home owners

    Flat owners

    Landlords, but they can not apply for the low income voucher


    The only scheme available from the Government is the Green Home Grant, any other companies offering similar deals may not be genuine as they are not backed by the Government.


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