What are Sash Windows?


double sash windowWhile we’re not quite sure why they were called ‘sash’, the term sash refers window comprising one or more panels which form a frame that contains panes of glass.

Traditional sash windows feature two slashes that slide vertically one in front of the other.

A sliding sash window can be opened either at the bottom or top, or at both if a double hung sash window – see ‘other types of sash window’. Sashes consist of panes which are fixed in place by glazing bars

Some sash windows have two panels, some one. This image to the right shows a double paned sash window.



Who invented Sash windows?


Sash windows first surfaced in the late seventeenth century.

Some claim they were first spotted in English houses of this period, some Dutch, but no one seems sure who definitively invented sash windows.


Period Properties and Sash Windows

classic sash window
The classic 6 x 6 Georgian period sash window


At Polar Bear, many of our orders for sash windows in Bristol come from people with period or period-style modern properties, looking to either restore or replace their sash windows.

The association of sash windows with period properties is due to the large number of Victorian and Georgian homes which feature them. Equally common, Georgian homes tended to contain two sashes of 3 x 2 panes.

This image to the right shows the classic period sash window associated with Georgian homes. Victorian homes, however, often had 2 x 2 panes.

Bristol is fortunate to contain many examples of classic Georgian and Victorian houses which feature sash windows such as in Portland Square, Clifton and Cotham.

Naturally, anyone wanting to recreate a period feel for their property should always have sash windows.


Sash Windows Todaysliding sash windows in bristol


While sash windows are associated with period homes, they nowadays combine the best of old and new.

At Polar Bear, we continually supply sash windows to areas of Bristol, Bath and beyond but they are very different from the windows of years gone by.

They may look like traditional sash windows, but Bristol customers also expect their sash windows to be free from drafts and noise, and offering proper insulation, in marked contrast to the windows that would have been experienced by a Victorian or Georgian family in Bristol.

Then wooden sash windows were famed for either rotting or rattling.

We still have customers within Avon with timber sash windows who want repairs and the addition of draft stripping.


uPVC Sash Windows in Bristol


A modern invention is the availability of UPVC sash windows.

uPVC is also sometimes known as rigid PVC or PVC-U.

This plasticised poly vinyl material is now a popular alternative to sash windows in wood as it offers better resistance to the elements and proves, therefore, longer lasting.

uPVC sash windows are among the most popular windows with our Bristol customers, especially those in neo-period or actual period homes.

What they offer is a combination of superb, traditional styling matched to exceptional performance, unlike traditional timber box sash windows.


Other types of Sash Windows

We at Polar Bear offer the conventional sliding sash windows, but you may have heard of other types of sash windows.

Box sash windows

are, confusingly, just a different term for sash windows. Historically, they were a heavier, thicker set window but nowadays are used interchangeably with normal, old ‘sash windows’.

A genuinely different type of sash window is the

Double hung sash window double hung sash window

This as the name implies contains two sashes that can move up and down within the one window frame. Obviously, sash windows usually have two sashes but normally one is fixed, so you may be only able to move the bottom sash up and down.

A double hung sash window with a smaller top sash is called a cottage window.

A dummy sash window unsurprisingly given the name may look like a sash window but lacks vertical movement. Sometimes they are found as narrow frames alongside a central sliding sash window – a Venetian sash window, other times they may just look like sash windows without the movement.

Barn sash windows

tend to found more frequently in the States and have a much thicker top – stiles -and sides  – rails – on the outside wood timber frames to give them that barnyard look.

How do you repair Sash Windows?

Not everyone wants to replace their traditional wooden sash windows despite the problems with rattles, draft and rotting.

And not all being are allowed to, if they live in a listed building, for example.

In such instances, it’s vital to replace the wood with a high quality wood, usually a softwood,  which will last many generations.

Why Choose Sash Windows for your Bristol home?


If you live in Bristol and have existing sash windows made of wood, or are looking for a more traditional aesthetic for your home, then you should definitely choose sash windows.

Being uPVC sash windows, you get all the extras: such as choice of sash window frames, choice of sash window colours and choice of double or triple glazing.

Therefore, there’s no compromise on performance anymore when you choose sash windows for your Bristol property.

What guarantees do you get with Sash Windows in Bristol?


Apart from being guaranteed incredibly stylish windows, you’ll also be guaranteed for many years on your windows and we also guarantee their security too.

Where to buy Sash Windows in Bristol?

There are a number of sash window suppliers in Bristol, but, unsurprisingly, we’d argue that you are best getting them from Polar Bear windows.

Watch this video about our sash windows to see why we think we’re the right supplier of your sash windows in Bristol.

Are Sash Windows Double Glazed?

double glazing for sash windowsDue to sash windows being associated with period properties, we often have Bristol customers asking if they are double glazed.

Because they are uPVC sash windows, we can offer double glazed and triple glazed sash windows.

All our double glazed windows use the latest technologies for optimal performance.


Are sash windows expensive?


This depends. The number and size of the windows you need will affect the price, as will requested sash window finishes and glazing.

Fortunately, we do offer free quotes on sash windows so simply click here and add your details and we’ll contact you to discuss your requirements and give you a quote. Alternatively, use our online quote provider.

You can also request a FREE callback


Which are the best sash windows?


We believe the sliding sash windows we provide are the best for most people. Note, the term, most. For a stately listed home, for example, traditional wood will still be the order of the day.

But for most, uPVC sash will suffice.

This is due to them looking the part, being able to replicate the classic contours of wooden timber sash windows and being energy efficient without the drafts, poor insulation and habitual ratting of classic timber sash windows.

Sash Window Colours

It may surprise some traditionalists but rather than having to paint sash windows, as before, you can now order sash windows in a host of colours such as burgundy, red, olive green, navy blue and ebony black.