Here at Polar Bear Windows in Bristol you will be able to obtain A rated windows for most window designs we offer such as casement windows, sash windows, uPVC windows, double glazing windows and bay windows.


What are A Rated Windows?

A+ rated windows are the most energy efficient windows available in Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas, indeed throughout the entire UK. A+ rated represents the top end of the rating, while a G rating is the lowest. To gain an A+ rating it is in fact a combination of the glass and frames, namely the whole window itself. energy rating of windows


Who rates the windows?

The window rating system is government approved and was introduced in 2004 by the British Fenestration Rating Council – the BFRC. They are an independent body to run windows’ energy ratings and provide energy efficient ratings for windows and doors. Rated products receive a rainbow label similar to those found on fridges. Certass and the BSI also offer similar A-G ratings.


What is energy efficiency?

 Energy efficiency is about providing the same function like windows but using less energy. Government across the world have made commitment to reducing carbon emissions due to its impact on climate change hence the proliferation of energy efficient products and schemes. You can read more about energy efficiency here


How is the energy efficiency of a window calculated?

 It is calculated according to certain variables such as the G-Value – the amount of sun the glass lets in; the U-Value –the heat that can pass through the window and frame combined; and the air infiltration, which refers to how heat can penetrate through window seals.


Do Polar Bear Supply A+ Rated Windows in Bristol and Bath?

 Yes. When glazed into windoor frames, the glass receives an A+ rating.




How do you get A Rated Windows in Bristol or Bath areas?

All our qualifying windows supplied to our customers in Bath and Bristol can come with an A+ rating on request.


Why is it important to have energy efficient windows?

Buildings use lots of energy and one of the main areas this energy escapes in via the glazing. Estimates say 25% of heat escaping is losta rated windows at bristol property through the windows. Improving the energy efficiency of windows therefore contributes to the overall energy efficiency of a home. This has practical benefits for you the customer. If you get energy efficient windows for your home in Bristol or Bath, your home should be quieter, your home should be warmer, and your energy bills should be cheaper. Which is always a good thing.


How much can you save with A rated windows?

If you switch single glazed windows to A rated double glazed windows at your Bath or Bristol property then the savings could be as much as 120 – 160 pounds per year in a detached house, according to the energy saving trust. You can see here their breakdown of savings relative to window ratings and property size to estimate just how much you could save with A rated windows.


Why do A Rated Windows save so much money?

Every home in the Bristol and Bath area will lose heat through certain places such as windows. Energy efficient glazing limits the amount of heat lost, consequently helping to reduce energy costs to heat your home. Double glazed windows as the name implies have two sheet of glass with a gap in between them that helps to prevent heat loss.


What determines the difference in energy ratings?

The BFRC have standardised criteria for evaluating energy ratings of windows. Windows will be rated from A to E depending on aspects like the amount of heat that can pass through the window. An A+ rating is a guarantee you have the most energy efficient windows available.


Are A rated windows available in different styles?

Yes. There are numerous types of window that can come with an A rating


What do U Values on Windows relate to?

Windows with U values relate to energy ratings. U values refer to how easily heat can pass through a material. Materials that let out more heat have a higher u value rating.


Are there U values with A rated window?

Windows come with U values but these are unconnected to the windows’ energy efficiency rating, according to the BFRC. Therefore, you could have windows with a higher u value and a high energy efficiency rating.a rated windows


Surely triple glazed Windows are the most energy efficient?

You may think that due to the extra layer of glass that triple glazing is the way to go but actually some double glazed windows can get a better energy efficiency rating. This is due to the type of glass used how much hear it prevents from passing through and the amount of solar gain through the glass, or g-value – free heat from the sun.


What is the minimum rating windows can have?

 Even though the ratings go from A to G it will be surprising to find anyone with recently fitted windows in Bristol or Bath that have a rating below C, as this is the minimum advised by building regulations to receive the energy efficiency recommended endorsement. Most suppliers like Polar Bear aim to provide the highest A+ rated windows to their customers.


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